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Sometimes I don't even have time to look at myself in the mirror.  I'm currently working full-time, finishing my master degree and since April I'm addicted to this blogging thing.  That's why I decided to try a dry shampoo for those days in which I got home at 10:00p.m. with no other desire than taking a simple bath and going straight to bed.  It's summer and it's hot, so your hair can get greasy in just one entire day.  I don't like pony tales that much, so I thought this dry shampoo idea that Lauren Conrad talks about in her book Style was an awesome idea.

I ordered the Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk via Amazon.comAfter reading a few reviews on other brands, I thought this was the most balanced on good/bad critics. When I first applied it, was like spraying baby powder on your hair, only it disappears when you touch it.  The result was great!  Hair looks cleaner and the smell is kind of refreshing.  I recommend this product to any girl that suffers from 'rush' (like me), or any other girl that has greasy hair.  I think it's healthier if you don't wash your hair daily, cause it could get dry or dull.  Dry shampoo is the solution.

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  1. love this stuff, such a life saver! sometimes I find after messing around with my hair it looks unwashed and this stuff saves me from going to have another shower!

    thanks for your comment - I actually cut my hair myself! Was so scary! but it turned out well! x

  2. I have awarded you a lovely blog award ;). Please check my blog for details.


    Carmen Vogue

  3. Love this! I was just about to pick one of these dry shampoo's up last week, but decided not to. There were way too many choices and I had no idea which one was better. Your post just sold me! Woot!

  4. thank you for the review! ill definitely try it :) and hey, we are in the same situation :) working, finishing my MA degree and looving to blog :)
    xoxo, saskia

  5. I love dry shampoo. I use 'Treseme'- works great and the price is even better! xo


  6. I've always been so against this, but I may just have to try it. I'm never really rushing, but instead I'm a pretty lazy person so for those days that I'm just too comfortable on the couch or if I just don't feel like washing my hair this would be great!

    xo katie elizabeth

  7. i got a bottle of this a while back, but i forgot i'd put it in my carry-on luggage and it got taken away at the airport :( i need to get some more, it's definitely a life-saver on those busy days.

  8. I'm always up for trying a new dry shampoo. I feel like I've tried most of them, but I've never heard of this one before. I'll definitely try it!


  9. always look forward to your posts. and i agree about the dry shampooo


  10. Hmm i need to get this!
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  11. I really want this!
    Your blog is really so lovely!



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