Retro Crush

Every time I watch a concert, movie or documentary of The Beatles, and see all those retro girls enjoying the time of their lives and screaming for these four gentlemen, I just wish I could be one of them!  But the truth is that I wasn't even planned by that time.  The responsible one for this fanaticism is my mother, who was a young girl by then and a HUGE fan.  I know all of their songs, I've watched two of their movies, we have The Beatles Rockband for Wii and I've even developed a crush on John Lennon, my fave one.<3

I think this band is a fashion icon that will be admired & loved forever...


Me with them.. ha!

One of my favorite songs:

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  1. this is such a lovely post! love it :)
    xoxo, Saskia

  2. haha my friend debby is a beatles fan as well ;p i like your blog <3 have a great weekend :) xx


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