Shoe Craving Attack

I'm the type of girl who realizes that needs to go shopping when is getting dressed in the morning and finds herself in a middle of a crisis when she can't combine the right pieces.  For example: this morning.  Today I'm wearing a black blouse with creme pants and... red shoes?  Yup.  I couldn't find any other pair to wear today.  On my way to work, I realized I need new work shoes.   This pair needs to have a neutral color, so it can be combined with ANY outfit. That would make my mornings way easier! 

So, I decided to enter my favorite shoe site: ShoeDazzle.  It's weird to say that days ago I entered and didn't liked any of the shoes on my list.  Today I fell in love with every single one of them.  Us girls are weird, right?  Or is this only a shoe craving attack? 
These are my cravings right now:

 Can this get any more neutral?  I mean, creme matches anything and nude colors are trend-ish!  Plus the shape of this pair is so unique and cute, even though I'm looking for a fatter heel, this is a great option.

COMFY.  That was the first word that came to my mind when I saw this pair.  BUT, they are not that neutral.  I also could use these shoes to go shopping or a casual date.

Now I'm having a dilemma.  Which one should I choose???

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11 comentarios:

  1. I would go for the nude too. It is really nice. Thanks for following. Following back.

  2. I love the nude ones!! And I'm a new follower :)

  3. Love both of those shoes! The pop of orange in the first one is the perfect touch.


  4. i love the second pair. LOVE.


  5. I prefer the creme/nude heels than the second pair. Cute shoes though!

    -The BF Mashup

  6. Love the orange touch in the first one! I guess it depends on your needs, if I was looking for an everyday shoe I would definitely go for the second pair, but if I was looking for a nice day to night shoe, I'd choose the nude one. x


  7. This is a tough call--I do love the nude ones, but the studded pair is perfect for summer/fall...decisions, decisions.


  8. I love the second pair. I can't walk in stilettos but they always look so stylish ;)
    XX Ilana


  9. Love that first pair!

    p.s. Did I already tell you that I gave you a blog award today??


  10. the second heels!!! love how tan it is.


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