Edible Nails

No, my nails are not really edible and there's no edible nail polish either (at least that I know about), but they looked like little candies after finishing my last mani/pedi!  I used a light pink nail polish that a friend of mine gave to me as part of a birthday gift this year.  The final touch was the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat. Next plans with my white crackle coat are black nails... zebra/safari?  We'll see,  I just love being creative with my nails!

 Step 1: apply a color of your choice and let dry

 Step 2: apply the overcoat (just one hand)

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  1. Haha, I really though that they came out with the edible nail polish after reading the title, silly me! :D


  2. I've never used the crackle overcoat but I like how it looks with your pink nails!

  3. When I first read the title i was like whaaaaat?! Edible nails?!

    I have never used the crackle either and that is really cool!

  4. great pink color too! do you like the sally hansen crackle? someone told me they didn't. does it look different from the opi shatter, or the china glaze crackle/spatter whatever it's called? what's your opinion?


  5. Oh, it does look like candy! That's so pretty!!

  6. so nice colour i like IT! xoxo


  7. That is an awesome title and you did a beautiful job! It really does make me think of strawberry flavored marshmellow candies :)

  8. So cute! The colors look great together!! xo


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