Tights Inspiration

For me tights are elegant, mysterious and classy.  I would wear them all the time with cute long blouses, sweater dresses, ripped shorts or sequin minis.  But as I've mentioned before, I live in the Caribbean, where 95% of the year feels like summer SO HOT.  
My goal is to take mine out one of these Fall or Winter nights!

Tights inspirations:

[ images via GoogleImages ]

What's your favorite way to wear tights? 

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  1. I was just thinking I need to get some tights for this fall! I love the tights w/ boots look :)

  2. i like to wear tights with skirts & dresses. great image looks teresa! no, i'm not in nyc, but i did learn a few things i'd wished i'd known when i packed.

  3. Living in Florida, I understand about the heat (and humidity!), but at least we get a few months reprieve. I actually enjoy the heat more than the cold, but I AM looking forward to it cooling off a bit so that I can try out some bright tights!

    I'm going to try wearing some mustard colored or berry colored tights with my olive green dress. Or maybe some bright tights with a black pencil skirt.

  4. what a nice blog with beautiful pictures :) i really like it!

    love, lola

  5. I love the ideas here. So many times we forget how many different ways to wear tights. There is a variety. Thanks!

  6. I always want to do the tights with shorts, but I haven't been brave enough yet. I am going to try it this year, I swear!! lol. Thanks for sharing these pics... great inspiration!! xox

  7. This fall, I am learning to incorporate tights... I am not sure why I always gravitated towards the dark smoke grey hoisery, but tights are definitely a great option! I'd love to live in hot weather year round...chicago winters are rough! BTW.....cardigans are a great item to wear anywhere and everywhere :)

  8. Hey Teresa! I love tights and Spanx did 40% off today. I love Spanx too haha I'm really loving how textured tights are IN this season. Also colors! Love your blog and following. Can't wait to see your future posts. =)
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  9. same here...it's summer year round! i try to wear them with shorts on rainy days :)


  10. I love tights with skirts and dresses! During winter I like to wear opaque black tights, they are so warm and yet you get to wear your fave dress! x


  11. Wow, you have a great sense of style! Loves it! Please check out my blog when you get a chance.

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