Victoria's Secret Fall Addiction

This week I received the new Victoria's Secret catalog filled with the fashion trends for this fall.  I fell in love with almost everything inside it (as always), so I thought to myself: is the clothing really pretty or is it the models that make them look as must haves?  I know I wouldn't look as they look on those over sized tops, boyfriend pants and combat boots, because they are TALL and I'm short. I'll probably look like a potato bag, but I still crave some of the pieces that really would suit my petite body.  How do they know my taste and style?  What is it that I'm willing to empty my credit card on VS clothing, shoes, underwear or anything else?  Seriously!
Brown, dark red, nude, gray, some sparkles and 
heeled oxfords are the trend this season. 
My picks:

 [ images via www.victoriassecret.com ]

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  1. I think my favorite is that first sweater dress! I am so excited for fall clothes!

  2. i loveee victorias secret!! <3

  3. ohh, I want the blouse, simply gorgeous!

  4. Love your picks! I like those earth-toned colors of the boots and shirts , but also that burgundy sweater-dress. I think these are a great inspiration for fall! :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  5. i like this post.


  6. I love the first shirt! Thanks for sharing these!

    Stay Beautiful,


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