Another Year Behind

This year was wonderful!  I started blogging, I traveled twice: N.Y.C. & Spain, I started working as an intern at a fashion magazine and I'm almost done with my master degree.  I'm kinda sad 2011 is almost over, cause it was incredibly perfect.

What can I say about the last week of the year?  Nothing really special, but it was good.  I went to see New Year's Eve last Monday with my boyfriend and I totally loved Ashton Kutcher, I mean the movie.  It was a really cute story with a bunch of great actors all over the place... don't miss it!  My plans for this weekend are to stay at a little/private party with my family at home and wait until 12:00 p.m. for the toast.


thin scarves.
This has been a cold winter for my year-round-warm-country.  And when I say cold, I mean 65-72 degrees... yeah, that's really cold here.  Thin scarves are great for this weather and they are a cute complement to any outfit. 
[ scarves in the picture from American Eagle ]


I discovered this blogger named Leslie (Fashion Needy) last week.
She's beyond chic and stylish.

Damycool said...
"Hola bella ! La verdad es que te vez bien con el cabello corto y largo jeje, pero si vas a cortarlo me gusta el estilo de Jessica Alba! Gracias por tus dulces comentarios! siempre es bueno tenerte de visita en mi blog! Y si, nuestros paises se parecen mucho jeje Besitos!"
English TranslationHello beautiful! The truth is that you look good with both short hair and long lol, but if you cut it, I like the style of Jessica Alba! Thank you for your sweet comments! always good to have you visiting my blog! And yes, our country looks are very similar hehe Kisses!
  Why this comment? Two reasons, I feel she's really honest and sweet and she's letting me know we really have something in common, answering a comment I left recently on one of her posts.
What are your plans for the weekend?

13 comentarios:

  1. Congratulations on a fantastic year! You have such a great well rounded blog. Wishing you a great New Year 2012. Keep shining! xoxo


  2. me gusta mucho el look que propones, te deseo una feliz entrada en el 2012 y que sigamos con los blogs adelante :) besos!!

  3. I am so glad you had a wonderful 2011! I wish our low temps were in the high 60's :) My weekend plans involve attending a wedding on NYE.
    I am so glad I came across your cute blog. I am a new follower and would love for you to check out my blog sometime and follow back if you're interested.


  4. 65-72 degrees?? I am jealous and kinda hating you right now :-) Looks like you had a great year! Here's to an even better 2012!!

  5. I am blushing! Thank you so much for your the love and let me start by saying that this year has been a tough one for me but little things like these givce me the confidecnce that a better year lies ahead. I hope that you also have a year of great opportunites and adventures and that by the end of 2012, you are one step closer to your dreams :)


  6. teresa, what a joyful year you had! i'm sure this next one will be just as good. what's your master's degree in? or your bachelor's? if you don't mind me asking. i'm always curious about others interests & passions. enjoy your weekend!

  7. Glad you had a fab2011 , I'll be reading your blog in 2012! Jenna @www.pret-a-style.com

  8. i tried to translate the spanish comment and i did ok with it! haha...anyway, you've had quite a year. i want to visit espana one day. and still trying to get everyone together for NYE plans

  9. I will wait 12.00 pm, too. I will do a party at home with my family and my friends :)

    VERY Important post, come and read it!


    Thank you so much!

  10. my plans are... PURE PARTY! hahahaha hope never ending!


  11. Hi darling, Wishing you a fantastic New Years, may 2012 bring you lots of luck, love, success and happiness. May you continue to entertain us with your fashionably wonderful blog next year!
    Luv, Sam

  12. Happy New Year Teresa! You have had quite a year, I would love to intern at a fashion magazine :) I love Damy as well, she is super kind and I always love the pictures she takes from her home country!

  13. Hola bella!!! Me has hecho feliz este ultimo dia del año 2011 con hacer la mencion de mi comentario!! Eres un amor! Gracias!!Me elegro que este año haya sido genial!! Te deseo de corazon que el 2012 sea el triple de mejor!! Disfruta muchisimo con la familia!! Nos vemos en el 2012 jeje


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