The Bag That I didn't Make Mine

As you already know, I went shopping a few times during my trip to Spain last month.  I bought some stuff from H&M and Mango.  The prices from Zara and Mango really surprised me, as in USA stores, clothes are not as cheap as 7 or 10 = $9 or $12.99.  That's right, I spent 45€ = $58.47 for three blouses and a cute clutch at Mango.  Yes, that would've cost me only one blouse here!  Nothing to regret about that shopping, except for one thing: the bag I didn't make mine

I fell completely in love with the bag on the picture above.  Only 55€ = $72.  Every single detail captivated me!  I try it on me, I touched it, I smelled it, but I didn't bought it!!!  Reasons?  Not enough space on my luggage, the rest of the day ahead in Bilbao to spend it carrying a medium-size bag and not sure about what I was going to find later, so I needed to safe some money.  Big mistake!  Now I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life, cause I'm 8 hours away from Spain!  At least I took a picture of it.

 [ top #1 ]
[ take a look at the price ]

  [ top #2 ]
[ sorry is all crumpled ]

  [ top #3 ]
[ liked the buttons detail ]

 [ the little clutch ]

 How was your weekend?!
Are you done with the Christmas shopping?
I'm 85% done!

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  1. I hate that feeling of regret!!! It always eats me up alive. Maybe you can try ordering it online?


  2. es una tienda genial mango y mejor cuando está de rebajas :) el bolso que al final no te compraste es una monería

  3. that is a gorgeous bag, i wish you had bought it :/ love the string<3


  4. The mango clutch is great! Zara is also much more highly priced here than it is in the rest of the world

  5. I am simply in love with mango :) They have such cool stuff. You made some great purchases

  6. i'm glad you took photos of it too. if only to remember. :) me, christmas shopping? ha!

  7. WOW girl great buys and can't believe it was that cheap!! AWESOME!!
    And yes I been there too doll when you see something and instantly fall in love with it but for no reason (well you did had one) we decide not to get it..OH NO... LOL
    Anyway you got some nice stuff though! :)

    <3 Marina

  8. Hmmm there's a reason why you didn't get it and trust me in a few months you'll find another bag just as fab without having to tote it around :)

  9. Tengo el top #1 y me encanta, es super comoda y fresquita. La cartera esta bella, creo que en algun momento a todas nos pasa. De seguro despues consigues otra que te guste más.

    Feliz Navidad!



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