Trend-ish Icon of December: Michelle Williams

Who loves Marilyn Monroe?  Who's loving the "Pixie Look" lately?  Who think that fashion mommies making fashion babies are adorable?  Then you agree with me that the fashion icon for this month is Michelle Williams!  I think that ever since she cut her hair really short and had her cute/fashion daughter: Matilda, both has become a style icon, just like Katie Holmes and Suri.  

I admire her work and also her strength to continue with life after losing her talented husband: Heath Ledger.  Now, more than ever, is the boiling point of her career since she was selected to play Marilyn Monroe in her latest film: My Week with Marilyn.  I was looking at the pictures and trailer and got so excited I just can't wait for the movie to hit theaters!  Michelle is so chic, sassy, sweet and the Trend-ish icon for this month!

[ Michelle and daughter Matilda ]

[ video via YouTube / images via Google Images ]

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  1. adoro a esta mujer, me parece fabulosa :) ya estoy deseando que estrenen la película de marilyn porque nunca me pierdo una peli en la que salga ella, besitos

  2. i've loved her since i first saw her on dawson's creek. did you see her in blue valentine? i wondered if it was as good as it looked.

  3. Michelle is amazing, she can be old hollywood glamour, modern day woman, and anything in between.

  4. Michelle was amazing in "A Week with Marilyn". She is such an amazing actor and so pretty too. She can't make a modern day girl look great or classic.


  5. she's so pretty and I can't wait to see her movie!

  6. I'm impatience to watch Marilyn the Film! cool post



  7. she is Amazing! i love these photos you chose to use... and in response to the comment you made on my last post, lol youre so right!! i never noticed that haha! but i have changed my default photo and the layout of my blog a little bit so the photo is no longer there lol i hope you have a great week!
    x jamie

  8. She looks amazing in the first photos!


  9. Michelle Williams is stunning! I just love her hair like that. If I could stand the feel of bangs on my forehead, I'd get mine cut exactly like it!

  10. well, the truth is that i'm not the mother of the baby, in fact he's my nephew, but yes, we could say I have a baby! hahaha

  11. I never been a fan of hers but I hear only good reviews about this movie! She's really pretty.

    <3 Marina

  12. I haven't seen too many movies starring Michelle and I didn't watch Dawson's creek either. I do think she is gorgeous and definitely exudes 50s hollywood glamour!


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