Haircut Dilemma

There are three things that I consider self-body mutilation: tattoos, piercings and haircuts.  That's why I am so doubtful and always think a lot about it before doing any one of them.  I only have one little tattoo, used to have the belly piercing and I have done significant hair-cuts only twice in my whole life.  

Most of my life I had long hair, but #2 in my new year's resolution list is changing my look.  About four years ago I chopped my hair to the shoulders and I cried for three consecutive nights.  Then I realized how easy it was to take care of it and I even looked older, which is really hard for me because I'm short and have kind of a little girl face.

  [ here's a picture of me with long hair (left) and years ago with short hair (right) ]

My Options:

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What do you think?
Do you prefer long hair or short hair?


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  1. Omg, this is exactly what I've been thinking of for months now! I've honestly never (except for when I was little) had short hair. Actually, the middle length like the one in your pics. And I'm dying to try it, cause I think it'll look good on me, and I agree, it will be a lot easier to take care of. But then, I have to wait a lot for it to grow back. Hmmm...decisions, decisions..

    I finally decided that if I'll do it, it will be in spring. :)
    Let me know what you decide!

  2. te queda genial corto, el que más me gusta es el de jessica alba, pienso que te iría genial, yo de hecho también había pensado en cortarlo de un modo parecido, me parece super chic

  3. Teresa, I think the shoulder length hair really suits you! It gives you a more mature look and also I think the bangs and the layers frame your face beautifully.

  4. Long hair always has a feminine charm to it. It is difficult to manage, but always looks sexy. Think Nicole Scherzinger, Kim Kardashian. :) I prefer long hair! :)
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  5. Hola bella ! La verdad es que te vez bien con el cabello corto y largo jeje, pero si vas a cortarlo me gusta el estilo de Jessica Alba! Gracias por tus dulces comentarios! siempre es bueno tenerte de visita en mi blog! Y si, nuestros paises se parecen mucho jeje

  6. i love how easy short hair is... and you use way less shampoo

  7. in my case, i'm a total long hair-team, so, imagina what's my opinion! hahaha anyway, i think that with your lovely face, you can use whatever!


  8. Thanks you for the lovely comment !
    I like the haircut of jessica alba !

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  9. I really like the shoulder length hair. I'm actually thinking of chainging my hair too :)

  10. I think you look gorgeous with short hair! I really like the first option too! I'm a new follower. Stop by my blog some time and say hi!

  11. ha! that first paragraph had me nodding right along. so me!
    i've always been a long haired fan, because I feel it's so versatile. i've had short hair--just above the shoulders--and luckily my hair grows fast. BUT since i'm in my 30s (tears), I feel like I gotta have long hair NOW since i only have so long before i am too old. and look like a hippie.

  12. i prefer whatever makes you happy teresa girl!

  13. Saludos Teresa,
    Me acabo de corta el cabello corto luego de tenerlo largo por varios años como y estoy in love with it! Tan fácil de manejar y me puedo hacer muchas cosas.
    Te ves súper con el cabello corto, go for it!

    -Sabi <3


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