Inspiration: Graduation Day

Inspiration: Graduation Day

 There are a lot of prom posts out there, but people forget about how important it is the graduation outfit.  May & June: graduation months.  Mine is in June 15 and I already have in mind what I would like to wear.  

Graduation outfit tips:

1. Wear a simple dress.  
Most of the graduations take place in daytime, so the dress doesn't have to be that fancy.  Remember it will be under the graduation gown almost the whole time.

2. Comfortable shoes.
You'll be standing for a long time.  Light wedges are a good choice.

3. It's summer, wear something bright!
Graduations are in summer time, so bright colors like blue, coral or yellow will look great and will add a pop of color to the traditional/boring cap and gown.

4. Crossed small bag.
Crossed bags are comfortable and secure.  
If you pick a small one, you can wear it under the gown.

5.  Accessories are the highlight.
Nothing else is gonna show as much as your accessories.  Pick your fave trend!

6. Lose hair.
The graduation cap will be your hair accessory, so leave it  lose and pack some hair clips in your bag in case you need them to make the cap stay in place.

6. Class of 2012 is officially graduated, 
enjoy the after party with your cute outfit!

Inspiration: Graduation Day by trend-ish featuring diamond jewelry

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  1. qué falta me hace un post como el que has hecho, en un mes tengo la graduación de mi hermana y aún no tengo ni idea de que llevar :S... tomaré nota de tus consejos guapa! besitos

  2. Great ideas, that dress is so perfect for the summer.
    Y omg deja que llegues a Mockingjay que ahi vas a llorar, bueno yo llore y mucho, lol.


  3. estupendos consejos para la graduación!


  4. Hi Love your look!!! now following! Just wanted to let you know about my giveaway!!

    follow me back at the link above!


  5. So exciting, just a month to your grads! Love the outfit you've picked out, one needs something vibrant underneath the black cloak.

  6. Congratulations! 1 more month Teresa and you'll walk across that stage!!! Great tips and yes I remember nearly melting under my grad gown.

  7. Great tips! HAve fun on the special day and congratulations! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  8. Teresa "Felicidades" solo un mes mas para tu graduacion.!!! YAY... Me encanta la inspiracion y espero que veamos fotos de tu outfit de graduacion.

    <3 Marina

  9. you did a great job in this post. I´ll be back soon!

  10. teresa, i hope you share photos of what you decide to wear on your big day june 15. so excited for you! :)


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