Review: 33% Redhead with Garnier

So yeah, I want to become a red-head. Red is a very extreme/daring color and that's why I think it is better to start from a darker shade and then keep lighting it up. You know how much I love Garnier products from this post and this other one.  Of course I chose the Nutrisse Ultra Color to start my new journey, not only because is Garnier, but because it is exclusively designed to transform dark hair into any other color.  I started with the Dark Intense Auburn R1 and in the next couple of months I will continue with the Intense Medium Auburn R2.  Finally I'll end up with the Light Intense Auburn R3 (if I have the guts).

What about this product?
Absolutely amazing!  I never get disappointed by Mr. Garnier.  I bought this product by mistake at the drugstore.  I was decided to try the mousse instead of the permanent hair color.  It was sitting for one week in my room, waiting to be returned, then I thought... Why not?  The smell is not as intoxicating as others and it leaves your hair even softer then before the color deposit (it is usually the opposite). The only negative aspect is that I've already wash it twice and I'm still bleeding fruit punch!!!  The color is so rich and my hair looks so healthy, I just don't care about the damaged-towels problem.

[ my favorite part: the avocado, olive & shea oil conditioner ]

[ Instagram shot of the result - looks redder live ]

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  1. teresa, you look terrific! i always bleed fruit punch for about a week after i color my hair.

  2. Ohhh amazing colour...you have inspired me to go red now as well. Think this shade suits you so beautifully, it must look even better in person! I also like using Garnier hair dye, it smells great. How does the re-lightening to make your hair redder work?

  3. Nice color hair...
    It looks nice on you!
    I wanted to color my hair with that color too!

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  4. It looks good!
    I have never dyed my hair because it is too compromising for a lazy lad like me, but I would like to do the ombre style one day.


  5. estás preciosa con ese tono de pelo!! queda muy chic :) tengo que animarme a hacer un cambio con mi pelo que por veces me tiene tan aburrida... muchos besitos

  6. :) love your hair color here!! I'm following you too now!!:D


  7. I love this colour, it's a little bit redder in real life? Even better, under the sun you'll see the auburn!


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