Inspiration: Flower-Power Summer Nights

Flower-Power Summer Nights

Caribbean = HOT.
Summers are so hot here I just want to wear shorts, fresh tops and sheer stuff all the time.  How can I make casual clothes look stylish for nigh-time?  Can I wear shorts and fresh tops for a girl's night out or a date?  OF COURSE!  I'm going to take advantage of the flower-power trend to make my looks cuter.

Styling a pair of shorts:
High-waist flower shorts are boho and chic.  With a tiny belt and a pair of boots they'll pass as a short pencil skirt, only more comfortable.

Styling the fresh top:
A denim tie top, but making sure the denim material is not that rough or tight to the body.  The best ones are the lose denim look-a-likes tops made of cotton.

Styling hair:
Any of the hairstyles I featured on my recent post: Summer-ish Hairstyles or  pair the shorts with a delicate flower crown.

Finishing touch:
Nothing more glamorous than a golden watch next to a golden braided chain.  This is the summer sensation when it comes to accessories.  It'll automatically transform any casual look into a stylish combo.

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  1. Those boots -- Love! I bought a kiiiind of similar pair. Except they are bright orange. Meow!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. What an awesome outfit Teresa! I know how hot the caribbean is because a few years ago my family took a cruise to the bahamas. OMG it was SO hot!

  3. Hi sweety, this pretty summer outfit was the best cure to my cold winters day here. Love those floral shorts and bag. Hope you have a great week too!

  4. teresa this whole look is great! it's hot in texas too. :P i am completely shocked that you & i would own the same color of light aqua pants. i'm joking. it's not like we both were wednesday addams for halloween, before. we don't think that rachel bilson is a style icon, and we definitely do NOT share an addiction to nail polish. we just hate fashion completely. yes, i'm kidding. ;)

  5. I can imagine the heat! I love the floral shorts with the boots and go,d finishing touches!

    Btw, I'm from Hawaii.

  6. soy tan, tan, tan fan de los estampados florales!! me has dado una idea para un look :) si puedes ir a Tokyo ni te lo pienses que de verdad que merece la pena y además siempre puedo decirte sitios super chulos para ver :P besitos guapa

  7. yo amo las flores en todas las estaciones del año buenos tips gracias. Yo soy de Puerto Rico te conteste en mi blog pero no se si te llega notificación y tu de donde eres? Me encanta encontrar latinas en blogger


  8. Flower is powerful!
    Love it so so much!
    Especially the floral-print short!
    Amy x

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    BTW I'VE GOT THAT WATCH!! Is really amazing and "elevates" all my looks!!


  10. I can't wear shorts where I live, 'cause it's super cold atm... But I love the look!! xo


  11. That would make such an amazing outfit!!


  12. I love everything you put together here. I need that bracelet!


  13. Love everything about this outfit. It's something I would wear with this awful weather.


  14. thank you for all your tips! :) I love all the florals in this combination, especially the crown and shorts :)



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