...is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Have you heard that song from No Doubt?  It's name is Hollaback Girl and it reminds me of high school!  My nails look as fun as the song itself.  This mani was made with one of the products My Glam sent me this month.  Next week I'll be posting the review of the whole My Glam package!
   The brand is from the exclusive nail color collection: Circus, by Andrea.  The name is Somersault.  I've been looking for the right yellow nail polish, but haven't find it... until now.  The color is not too bright, but you have to do at least three coats to see the real color.  The final result was perfect and everybody loves it.  I also used my favorite nail polish: Essie's Turquoise & Caicos.  I think the combination is so cute and summery.

Do you like bananas? 

I like them on cereal, with yogurt and granola, with Nutella, on banana splits and one of my favorite desserts in the whole world is banana dumplings.  I tried them for the first time at PF Changs.  

Here's a picture of my plate via Instagram:

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Great colors!!!


  2. I wear Essie's Turquoise & Caicos all the time. I really like the shade of yellow polish too, I have a similar colour but the brand that made it isn't very good, it peels off after like a day!

  3. I've been on the hunt for the perfect yellow polish as well --and that looks like it fits the bill! I may just have to try to track that polish down!

    Bananas are such a versatile fruit. I love having it in a smoothie or making "icecream" out of them with my Yonanas machine. So yum!


  4. thankyou so much for your sweet comment on my blog Teresa! :) haha that line brings back so many memories. what happened to Gwen Stefani anyway? love the two colours together, very pretty. oh and yes...definitely like bananas! love the taste of banana dumplings too :)


  5. Whoaaaa, bright colors! Love it. I'm all about blinding people with my nails.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Does it mean I am old if I remember the song? lol. I am crazy over neon yellow at the moment and what better way to incorporate it into your beauty routine than with this gorgeous shade of nail polish. LOVE! The turquoise is also a pretty shade. Thanks dear, have a good and productive week too!

  7. Ahh! I still have not yet tried the yellow nail polish I received from Julep maven! I like the added mint nail accent.

  8. lovely manicure teresa dear! i await your glam box review. yes, i remember that song. i actually had some banana with nutella, & cereal today. :)

  9. I like that you mixed the mint with the yellow. I found somersault to be a bit much for work on my fingers, but think it will be perfect on my toes.


  10. I love bananas too especially with yogurt. Siempre que te pintas las uñas te quedan bien lindas y limpiecitas. Cuando yo me pinto las mias siempre hago un embarre lol.


  11. Bananas are healthy and the yellow is right on trend! Love the polish with a touch of mint. :)


  12. lovely colors both!


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