Summer-ish Hairstyles

Last summer I wore a lot of air-dry-long-hair and a little braid on one side.  This summer, since my hair is chopped to my shoulders and have new bangs, I've been wearing a high bun the whole time.  It is a very appropriate look, since the heat is pretty high and it looks elegant or casual, doesn't matter the occasion.  I want to share some hairstyles that are summer-proved and will make you look casual and stylish at the same time.  I do highly recommend to try the bangs because now that I have mine, I could not live without them.  Bangs makes the job so much easier and they make your face look softer and framed.

1. The high bun
[My signature look this summer]
You can try between the completely clean one or the messy one. You will free and fresh.  
With so many outdoor activities, you won't have to keep your hair "under control".
 [ above: bun with bangs / below: clean bun ]
[ images sourse: Google Images ]

Me with the look:

2. Beach waves.
If you have natural waves, lucky you!  Just leave them air dry and put some anti-frizz on.
If you have straight hair, try the three-barrel curler (will show you a video-tutorial soon).
 [ images sourse: Google Images ]

3. Fishtail braid.
Day or night.  This will look great in any moment.  
Plus the boho-look is so in right now.
 [ above: me making the braid to a model / below: the result ]

4. The bandana.
You can chose between the handkerchief or simply the bandeau headband.
Wear it with any of hairstyles #1, #2 or #3.
   [ above: a friend of mine with the handkerchief /
below: me with the hair-band from Lala Lala ]

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!
My plans are to spend it by the pool, 
under the sun and inside a bikini.


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  1. i've been wearing a bun like crazy too. teresa, you look darling in all these photos, but then you always do. i can't do a fishtail to save my life.

  2. i love high buns! and fish tails! havent rocked the head wrap yet! xO

  3. Love the bandana and the beachy waves! <3

  4. Cute*

    Love the high buns and the wavy hair =)



  5. Love your shares! Would definitely love to watch a tutorial on three-barrel curler!!

    ecid nac xx

  6. I use my infinity scarves to make bandanas. I have a lot of hair, lol

  7. Love it! I personally have been wearing the high bun all summer. The bandana is next, braids are also on my rotation. LOL

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog darling. XO


  8. Great tips, I think I'm going to try the handkerchief look for this summer. Do you know any good tutorials for that look?


  9. love your hair! so cute :)


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