My Glam: July

 I literally screamed when I saw this month's bag.  The best one so far.  
Good sizes, useful stuff, summer-sexy products!  Here's the review...

 1. This was the less impressing item from the package.  Even though it has a great smell, there's nothing that special about it.  Great size to bring to the beach...

2. Leaves hair very shiny, but the smell is kinda strong.

3.  Once I tried Say Yes to Carrots Hair Conditioner.  I stopped using it because it was very expensive and not that easy to find at the drugstore.  These facial towelettes are refreshing and gentle to the skin, since the base is cucumber and most of us are beach-burn.  I'm actually thinking about purchasing them!

4. In my opinion, one of the highlights of this month's gift.  This is a magic marker that works as blush and lipstick.  When I saw it, I said to myself: IMPOSSIBLE!  Then I was shocked to find out it really works and how beautiful the color is.  It is more resistant than regular lipstick and has a perfect size to carry on your purse.

5.  The second highlight of the package.  I fell in love with this one!  Here's the review I made last week: [ click ].

Box Highlights:

Ps. How cute is the cosmetic bag?!


9 comentarios:

  1. The bag that all the products come is is so cute in itself! Excellent beauty bag, the highlighter blush sounds really lovely.

  2. I wish so badly that I could get some type of beautybag in Norway!! xo


  3. omg, that is a great bag/set! the products look amazing...like the nailpolish and lip stain. and i love yes to carrots products. i heard the cucumber wipes are good.

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  4. hola preciosa! tus post no me salen en las actualizaciones :-( ya me extrñaba que no hubieras posteado! que bolsito tan lindo y que cosas tan utiles! como se consiguen?

  5. I think I will try it! You receive amazings prodcuts! Love the nail polish! So fun and cool! xoxo


  6. Primero que nada el bolsito me encanta mas todo lo que hay adentro. De verdad que me arrepiento de haberme quitado de My Galm.


  7. ay yo quiero suscribirme a my glam pero siempre me ponen en waiting list


  8. That was my favorite cosmetics bag they have handed out so far!



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