Puerto Rico High Fashion Week 2012

Puerto Rico High Fashion Week (PRHFW) started last Wednesday and ended on Saturday.  I was invited to the event on Thursday and had the opportunity to enjoy the fashion shows from well-known local fashion designers such as Rubén Darío, Reinaldo Álvarez y David Antonio.  Each designer had a special theme for their collection and there was something that caught my attention from every single one of them.  Ruben's everyday-fashion with lots of lace and cute dresses accompanied by Indian sounds; Reinaldo's European and manlike pieces and David's unique and colorful combos.

Rubén Darío
Down-to-earth Fashion

Reinaldo Álvarez
Classy Paris

 David Antonio
Chic Ruffles


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  1. me encantaría ir a un desfile! qué bien lo habrás pasado :)

  2. such lovely things teresa, i bet you had so much fun!

  3. Awww! Me perdi el PR Fashion Week! Entre el trabajo y el novio me estoy perdiendo de mi pasion! La propuesta de David Antonio exquisita como siempre! Que fabuloso que estuvieras en el desfile!


  4. Gasp, David Antonio's looks are just breathtaking. The colors, patterns, and cuts are so interesting. Absolutely love it. Looks like you had a fun time during PRFW! Thanks for sharing these great photos.


  5. New follower! please check out my blog!


  6. Hi dear, how are you doing> Its so great seeing fashion from different parts of the world, these designs look really wonderful, i like that long white and black gown.

  7. These are such gorgeous outfits! I'm wondering how many I could get away with for the school run!!!!


  8. Cuanto daria por haber podido estar alli, you are so lucky! Me encantaron los trajes clasicos y chic de Reinaldo!


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