Outfit: Denim Romance

 Since I got this denim cropped top I wish I can wear it everyday because it doesn't matter what the bottom is, this baby looks better than any other top I have in my closetIt can be worn in so many different ways: completely open with a top inside, half-buttoned with a tube-top inside, completely buttoned, with skirts, shorts, jeans, flower bottoms... I mean the list is endless.  The color and shape is perfect to combine with colorful accessories and the texture is fresh and soft.  What can I say?  Yes, I'm obsessed and yes, I have a romance with it!  Here are some pictures from the last time I wore it for my best friend's birthday party.  This time I used it half-opened with a tube-top and a colorful skirt.

 Top: VeriGaona (local boutique)
Skirt + belt: Lola
Watch: Fossil
 Necklace: Valija
Rings: Mom's gift
Shoes: TJMaxx

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Le Menina Boutique Opening

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Le Menina Boutique celebra su re‐apertura en sus nuevas facilidades
Regalando amor a la Fundación Educativa C.A.F.

Todo comenzó el verano del 2009. Le Menina Boutique se estableció en la Ave. Main, Bayamón  ofreciéndole a su clientela ropa, accesorios, zapatos y carteras de acuerdo a cada temporada con la exclusividad de obtener lo último en la moda a precios accesibles. El próximo domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012 se celebrará la re‐apertura en sus nuevas y modernas facilidades ubicadas en la Carr. 167 Marginal Caná Calle 5 PP-14 Bayamón, PR. Disfrutaremos de un exquisito cocktail, con nueva variedad de ropa, accesorios y zapatos. 

Durante ese día nos uniremos a la Fundación Educativa CAF fundada en el 2006 y ubicados en el Hospital Pediátrico Universitario Dr. Antonio Ortiz dedicados a ofrecer servicios educativos a niños recluidos en el hospital recibiendo tratamientos o en espera de los mismos, factor que no les permite asistir a la escuela y obtener un grado académico. Durante la celebración de la re-apertura se estará donando el 10% de las ventas para contribuir a la educación de los niños de nuestro país. Invitamos a todo el público a visitar las nuevas facilidades de LeMenina Boutique y a conocer más acerca de la Fundación Educativa C.A.F. y sus servicios.

Aprovecho para invitar a todas mis lectoras y blogueras puertorriqueñas a formar parte de esta actividad.  Podemos conocernos y compartir.  Me pueden escribir a trendishpr@gmail.com para más detalles.



Currently Wearing

I've been addicted to five specific trends this summer. Today I'm sharing some Instagram pictures, from the last three weeks, showing off my latest obsessions.

1)  chunky-golden-accessories

2) easier-than-braids-side-twist

3)  flower-print-comfortable-as-hell wedges 

 4) two-colors-fun-nails

5) frizz-controler-boho-flower-crown
What item or trend you just 
can't stop wearing?



Fashion sense around the world

I really enjoy doing product reviews, outfits, combo-inspirations, fashion tips, nail creations and red carpet reviews... but what I love the most about blogging is writing articles from my point of view.  It's been a while since I didn't do an article because these are the hardest to prepare, since I need to do some research.

Have you ever thought of how different is fashion around the world?  Every country has their own style depending on weather and culture.  Since I started this blog, I've realize how relative fashion is.  In Puerto Rico, people dress fresh and comfortable because of the hot weather the entire year.  Even though sometimes I want to use more fashionable pieces, like coats and boots, I've come to the conclusion that you just have to take what you have and style it with originality.

[ image source: Style Picture ]

I've heard that some of the most fashion-influential countries are New York, Japan and Paris.  Americans, Asians and Europeans are segmented there. I've only visited New York (for now), and what I love the most about the city is that it is a cultural mix.  You can see people from around the world and the trend setters are not from a specific region.  The real trend-setter is THE CITY.  I bet the same happens with Japan and Paris.

Japan Street Style:
 [ image source: DeviantArt ]
Asians: I think that Asians are REALLY stylish and pay a lot of attention to trends.  Most of them are so radical with their looks that some people from other countries may not understand them. I actually think they are just not afraid of trying anything and I admire their versatility and uniqueness.

Paris Street Style
 [ image source: SaborMagazine ]
 Europeans:  Europeans are very fashionable too, but tend to be really classy (red lips and chic pieces of clothing). You can also see girls wearing high heels and impeccable make-up a random day at 8:00 a.m. (somebody that has been to Paris told me that, ha!).  Guys are elegant and like to dress in neutral colors.

New York Street Style:
[ image source: The Best Fashion Blog ]
Americans: Now, back to my side of the world, people from the USA are more easy-going with their looks and Latins like to look good and sexy all the time.  As I mentioned before, New York is full of people from different places, but I think you can differentiate locals, because they tend to have a signature look: funky and care-free, just like Carrie Bradshaw.

Now tell me about your country...
Where are you from?

How important is fashion there?

Which country would you like to visit just to 
experience a completely different style?



Review: Sephora Mini Shopping

 I visited Sephora last week in search of a new face powder.  I didn't know which one to choose and that's why I decided to ask one of the employees, who put me in a chair and started to apply make-up to my almost nude face.  He teached me what a primer does to the whole make-up.  It is a gel-base to make powder last longer and also absorbs oil.  I had some accumulated points in my Sephora card, so I redeemed them to get the face primer and then I bought the face powder he used: Hello Flawless from Benefit.  I loved the final result and it was a better shopping day thanks to the job he did.  My mom told me my face looked healthy and even.  Too bad I didn't take any pictures of me, meh!

1) Really good texture.
2) The color is perfect for my skin tone.
2) One brush for a natural look and a sponge to cover up imperfections.
3) Very cute case.

1) A bit expensive: $35.
2) When you use the brush it gets kinda messy because lose powder gets everywhere.

 The Primer:



Trend-ish Icon of August: Vanessa Hudgens

 So yeah, I'm a HUGE fan of Vanessa's style and I just can't believe I haven't done an article for her before.  I follow her Facebook page and I think she's just so down-to-earth and funny She's not scared of changing her looks: long waves, cute bob, pixie and even blonde in her latest movie (Spring Breakers).  She really inspires me, because I know I can wear whatever she wears.  We kind of have the same hair texture & color and we both have VERY petite bodies. This California girl has a simple/cute style and is the perfect trend-ish icon for this month.

How was your weekend?!
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