Inspiration: Color-Blocking Birthday

Hello March!  My favorite month... why?  
BIRTHDAY GIRL! [ March 11 ] 
We all want to look our best at birthday night, right? I'm having a little dilemma here, cause I'm a very classy girl when it comes to outfits.  I like black, white, beige or gray.  I've never color-blocked before, but I think this is the perfect occasion: birthday = happy/bright/bold.  If you like color-blocking, I need your help putting this puzzle together.  Nothing in the images are specifically the the things I bought, but my skirt has the exact same color than the one below.

As you can see, I already have the bright-orange skirt, the turquoise wedges and the necklace.  I'm thinking of combining it with a white top and turquoise clutch.  

*Now you tell me which top would you use with the things I already have: white, pink or turquoise? 

*Which color would you use for the purse?


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  1. Hey! I'm liking this whole outfit idea and I like your idea of using the skirt with a white top and turquoise shoes and maybe you could add a pink clutch.


    1. you are so right!!! white top/turquoise shoes/orange skirt/pink clutch! perfect color-blocking ;) thank you!

  2. some of my favorite people are pisces! i like it with the turquoise top & turquoise clutch, but you know i like to wear bright colors. it's important that you feel comfortable & pretty. so, whatever you decide teresa, you'll look grand. :)

  3. q bien q te gustasen las frases!! yo las adoro siempre, soy una maniatica!! jajja yo creo q como lo lleva esa chica esta perfecto!! con el top turquesa tmb quedaria lindo, pero me encanta el toque del cinturon turquesa, y creo q si llevas el top del mismo color no se notaria tanto! ademas de los tacones, resaltan mas si llevas el top blanco. Adoro el look!!!!!

    un besito guapaaa

  4. I think any colour you select you'll look fab! Personally, I love turquoise and orange together! And for the clutch I'd do gold...but if you want something with colour try hot pink or yellow :)

  5. I love the orange and turquoise together, but any of the combos will def work! Great blog! Check mine out, I'd love it if we could follow each other.



  6. Mmmm...I really love your choice! I think white top is better, with your orange skirt, turquoise wedges and a turquoise clutch! Super! I love colour-block and I think changes are good!



  7. Any of those tops would look great but I think I would choose white.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway over on our blog for a personalized necklace. If you have time please stop by and enter.

  8. Hi dear, that sounds exactly like me with only black and white outfits. Its so great that you're stepping out of your colour comfort some. That is a super cute skirt, love the colour. I think your possibility outfit is an awesome choice. I also think the pink will look stunning with orange, like at the Giorgio Armani Fall 2012 show last week.


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