Guest Review: Crème Gel Eye Liner by Revlon

  The retro 50's eye makeup is ideal for any occasion, as it has a romantic air while it has a flirtatious side. You can play with the width of the line and that gives you the opportunity to determine how dramatic the look will be. After testing various liquid eyeliners, I found this Crème Gel Eye Liner by Revlon. From the moment I used it, I fell in love with the product.

cheap [ $9.99 ] / waterproof / long-lasting / brings the brush / variety of colors
none so far.

 [ photos: Pablo Díaz from Innovart Studio ]
[ today's post and girl in photos: my friend Diana ]

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  1. Super cool! Me encantan los delineadores! Besitos bella!

    1. Pd. jejeje, no estoy de vacaciones, pero trato que cada fin de semana sea una mini vacacion :D

  2. Nice! They must have recently came out with that? I used to use gel eyeliner and loved it soo much more than kohls, which seemed to pull at my eye and encourage wrinkling [yikes].

  3. me encanta ese tipo de maquillaje tan como amy winehouse :)

  4. i wish i knew how to use that thing. once tried, didn't come out well. i guess it just takes practice, so i should definitely try again :) eyeliner gives a nice look to simple make up whether you're wearing a dress or just casual jeans - works either way i think.

  5. I was literally lusting after this in Superdrug two days ago!! I didn't know how easy it would be to use but waterproof eye-liners are my new thang!! No more smudging - hooray!!

    You have seriously tempted me to pop out tomorrow and buy this!!


  6. Yo he estado en la busqueda de un buen waterproof eyeliner, asi que creo que voy a darle una oportunidad a este.


  7. wow really no cons? sounds like a winner! :)

  8. i've never tried gel eyeliner before. looks great! and it won't hurt your pocketbook. excellent review and i love the pictures!

  9. Thanks for this review, I've been meaning to get a good eye liner for a while now and this one looks really great!

  10. Lo probe en en color violeta y me gusto mucho! Se desliza mejor que el lapiz, y se ve intenso, especialmente en colores. Lo recomiendo! xoxo


  11. it's really nice of you to allow other people to write on your blog :-)
    and i love rachel bilson!! i really want to watch her show hart of dixie, but i haven't had the time :-( i'm watching so many other shows that it's hard to fit everything in lol.

    hope you're okay, and add me when you make your drawsomething account!! my username is @daisysdrawingsx



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