Fresh Tangerine

What's your favorite fruit?  Mine is tangerine.  The smell, the sweet/sour taste, the freshness and It's even better when is cold from the fridge.  I've read in some fashion magazines that one of the color trends for this season is tangerine... I couldn't be happier about that!
  Last week I was about to do my pedi/mani with one of my favorites nail polishes: Turquoise & caicos by Essie.  That's when I saw my mom's orange nails and I screamed: "WHERE IS THAT NEW NAIL POLISH?!".  The brand is L'ORÉAL and the name is L'orange 410.  I had to borrow it from her and try it.  It is one of those nail polishes that's so easy to apply because the texture is so creamy and perfect.  It is so resistant that the following pictures were taken three days after the manicure and they still look like new.

 [ fruit image via Google Images ]
What's your favourite fruit 
and nail polish color?

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  2. I was about to buy it!! i love it!!
    I ended up buying another color but its SOOO true, it's "creamy and perfect".

  3. This is such a beautiful color, love tangerine. My fave nail polish is Chanel's Graphite and a mint colored one. love them both.

  4. I love this colour Teresa, it is so beautiful and you did a great job painting your nails! My favorite fruit is watermelon and I love the classic cherry red for my nails.

  5. me encanta a mi también ese color :) esta primavera tiene unos colores preciosos, muchos besitos guapa

  6. oooooo big like here dear teresa! hooray for you discovering, a new to me, nail polish brand i've yet to try. as for my fashion risk taking. i'll look at photos of some of the things i wore, & say, oh no. i'm so NOT doing that combo again. true story. ;)

  7. I love corals - but this tangerine color is so pretty on you! Gorgeous :)

  8. That COLOR looks AWESOME! I saw the Essie one before, but didn't know about the L'Oreal shade. L'Oreal makes fabulous products! That shade looks awesome on you. Kudos to your mom! haha

  9. ayy adoro las mandarinas!!! junto a la sandia y el platano, mis frutas favoritas!!! creo q podria pasarme dias y dias alimentandome solo de ellas! jajajja
    y el color es lindisimooo! yo suelo usar un rosita claro, como el q se usa en la manicura francesa pero en toda la uña. Sin embargo en verano si me gusta usar el fucsia sobre todo, y el naranja.

    un besito amiga!!

  10. This is such a fresh and gorgeous bright colour! Looks great!

  11. hola preciosa! Me ha encantado ese color!! Super veraniego! Se ve de playa jeje
    Besitos !!

  12. my bday is may 11!!! hahah :D also, i like your nails. my skin tone suits dark nail polish, so i generally tend to stick to that ;(

    hope you're well


  13. My favorite nail polish color is teal blue, I been obsess with that color since I bought my first opi nail polish!



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