Trend-ish icon of March: Rachel Bilson

March is special because it's my birthday. 
That's why I chose a very special icon:  Rachel BilsonRachel and I have some stuff in common.  Like me, she has a petite body (only 5'2"), dark/wavy hair, loves sunglasses and has a very classy style with lots of neutral colors, tights and simple pieces.  You may kill me for this, but for me she is a modern Audrey Hepburn.  That means I'm a HUGE fan.  I would wear every single outfit of hers.  She's just so chic and the perfect Trend-ish icon for my favorite month!


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  1. well teresa, you know i absolutely adore her! :) i agree about the audrey comparison. you & rachel DO look alike. i'm sure you've heard that, haven't you? you're both still taller than me, as i'm only 5'1" :P

    1. I'm actually 5'0, but we are still all short girls haha!

  2. marzo también es un mes especial para mi, mi chico cumple años y además nos conocimos en marzo :) por cierto rachel bilson es una de mis favoritas, ya me gustaba en the oc pero ha ido ganando con los años, muchos besitos guapa

  3. Me encanta su estilo! Muy chic y comodo! Besitos!

  4. Me gusta muchisimo su estilo porque me gusta vestirme como ella, tambièn! Me gusta el estilo clasico y los suyos me encantàn!

    W Rachel y feliz cumpleanos desde ahora :)

    PS No sè si escribir en espanol o en inglès :P

  5. Hey Teresa! Rachel is a doll. I can always relate to her style. It's never over the top and always wearable. Just like Audrey, she has that girl next door or best girlfriend vibe with her. I love that bag she's carrying in the first pic. HaHa I'm really glad you liked my post. That meant a lot and I thank you. I'm similar to you. I always try and not blog on weekends, but find myself thinking of topics and checking in to see what's going on. HAHAHA We enjoy it! We care! I think that's a great combination. Glad I found your blog! Hope you're having a great day.

  6. I did not know that Rachel is only 5-2" She definitely looks taller, and I do lover her style :)

  7. Rachel is really very stylish! I like the way the is combining cloth)

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  8. yup! she definitely has wonderful style. I've liked it since she was in The OC... so long ago lol

  9. I loveee her style! so effortless and glam!

  10. ay me encanta q la hayas elegido!!! es de mis favoritas, su estilo es tan perfecto y unico a pesar de usar cosas tan simples, x eso me encanta!!! y ademas me cae genial!
    yo visite barcelona una vez, y la verdad q es de las partes q menos me gustan de españa, no se, prefiero oootras muchas, pero si es vdd q hay mucha gente q la adora, y puede ser q tu tmb! jajaja tienes q visitarla!!

    un besitoo

  11. Brilliant choice of style icon. I love Rachel's style, she does a perfect mix of designers and chainstore brands. My fav look of hers here is the second last one, so chic!

  12. I too love her style - it's very down to earth and easy to wear. Some celebrities dress like runway models (which looks like crap, IMO) and are still, undeservingly, hailed as fashion icons. Rachel's style is so real and accessible that no one else has a thing on her.

    A great choice - I really enjoyed reading this post.


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