Ladylike Trend: The Peter Pan Collar

There are a few things to choose if you really want to look girly and ladylike.  For example, you can go for the catty eye liner, pearl earrings, pleaded skirt, stilettos or just the new collar trend.  Just like I said in this post, vintage pieces are girlier in my opinion.  Lots of trends today have to do with man-ish stuff like oxfords or boyfriend pants.  One should always add a little woman-ish detail to the outfit so we feel a little more flirty and flattering.  Again, that's just my opinion.

Last weekend I wore my new peter pan collar top from Zara.  I felt so comfortable and delicate with this chiffon/cat print/sheer/full of details blouse.  There are a four options to use the collar style: 1) top; 2) dress; 3) as accessory; 4) DIY.  Now I'll show you my new top and other ways to wear this fashion and cute extra piece.

1. Peter Pan Collar Top:
[ yes, that's me looking kinda emo in the picture above.. FAIL! ]

2. Peter Pan Collar Dress:
 [ image source: Google Images ]

3. Peter Pan Collar Necklace:
 4. Peter Pan Collar DIY:
 [ see tutorial via Fashionising.com ]

 How would you wear this trend?


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  1. aaii es tan bonito! me encanta, la de la primera foto eres tu? pareces una muñequita :)

  2. teresa, i wondered if that was you. ;) always pretty. i like the look. i really should make my own peter pan collar, but i probably won't. just call me lazy.

  3. i love peter pan collars! the necklace is really pretty!


  4. A mi me encanta este trend! Y tu blusa esta super cute, yo encontre una blusa con ese estilo y estoy loca por crear un look con ella.


  5. looks so pretty and it's a great addition to a blouse. i wish i could pull of the peter pan collar!


  6. I'm also in love, just got one recently and I can't wait to wear it!!

  7. Love the Peter Pan collar trend, its so cute and girly..think your photo is adorable!

  8. Yes, of course, I like this trend!:)

  9. I do like this trend but I am not quite sure if I can pull it off at my age...we'll see!

  10. I like the trend and it looks amazing on others but not sure I can pull it off but I love it.

    <3 Marina

  11. Very cute trend! I love the kitties on it. :D

  12. I love Peter Pan Collars! Your new blouse is very pretty ♥

  13. I'm so obsessed with the Peter Pan collar :)
    it's very chic yet youthful



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