50 Shades of GRAY?

Gotcha! I'm not talking about the latest obsession of almost every single women in America: The #1 New York Times Best Seller "50 Shades of Grey".  Have you read it?  

This post is about the amount of gray tones you can actually use on your nails.  I love how gray nail polishes look and I'm obsessed with this new color. It can be confused with purple sometimes, but I'm sure it's base is gray.  The name is Greyt Expectations and it's from the long-lasting/affordable line of L'ORÉAL Nail Color.

How many times i've used gray nail polish?
4. 50 Shades of GRAY (today's post)

Laters, baby!


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  1. i really love this shade of gray!
    great choice!

  2. cool~ it seems like everyone is reading those! Though I am not so much of a reader~ haha

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  3. OMG I'm totally obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey, hahahaha!! I want my own Christian :D

    Your gray nails are lovely by the way ;)


  4. teresa, i've been hearing all about the book. no, i haven't read it. i got my friend that polish for her birthday. i used it when i was last at her house. it lasted for a whole week without chipping. totally fantastic! :)

  5. Gray is the new black! Its looks elegant and chic! Love the color!


  6. That color looks good, love how it can reflect a little bit of purple.


  7. I almost had a heart attack because I thought this post would be about that book, which I ABSOLUTELY HATE. Ana is so annoyingly whipped over Christian, even though he is a stalker/control freak. I bet if he was not good-looking, Ana would find him creepy and probably would've gotten a restraining order against him! Also, I don't mind if people are into BDSM and I totally respect other people's fetishes and sexual preferences; but Ana clearly views it as "getting hit" or "beaten", which makes what he does to her abuse. I'm no BDSM expert, but I don't like how she implied that his BDSM fetish is a result of getting abused as a child. It kind of makes it seem as if only messed up people are into that. ALSO, Christian keeps calling her "independent" and what not, but a truly independent woman would not have done everything he demanded just because she wanted him to love her.

    I'm actually really sad at the fact that so many women love Christian so much. He actually got angry at Ana when her male friend called her - as if she has some magic power which could allow her to control whether or not other people ring her. Also, I hope girls don't read this and think that they could "change" a "bad boy" with their love, because that always leads to abusive relationships, etc.

    Finally, the grammar and punctuation is atrocious and the characters are clearly a rip-off of Twilight (which is plagiarism, is it not?!). She honestly writes as if she threw up a thesaurus onto the page.

    It just really irks me that 50SOG is considered literature and that it is actually a best-seller. Like come on, Bret Easton Ellis wants to turn it into a film!! Bret Easton Ellis, as in the man who wrote a book about a psycho man who killed prostitutes in his spare time. Doesn't this show Christian's potential as a messed up character who would be interesting to explore?! Not the next literary Romeo or Heathcliff or some other male character women fall in love with.

    Anyway, I'm sorry for the rant. It's just something that bugs me. Also, this is a bit late, but congratulations for finally graduating!! I hope you're well :-)

    xoxo Daisy

    1. wow Daisy! it's pretty clear you hated the book! i read it, just for entertainment & fun. but i totally agree about the literature and especially.. grammar!!! horror! i also thought it was so similar to Twilight, even Jose was dark as Jacob!! women who read this must keep in mind this is fiction and they should never let any man treat them like Christian, doesn't matter he is a Chris Hemsworth! thanks for your comment :)


  8. I had never thought of grey for my nails! But it does look great! And quite polished :)

  9. Eep, I haven't read the book yet, would you recommend it? I like this particular shade of grey, because its a darker tone, looks lovely!


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