Classic shoes for the summertime

In the modern world fashions change very quickly and styles come and go extremely rapidly. It feels like you buy one item and it’s out of fashion by the time you get it home. On the other hand, footwear seems to be more resilient to the changing fashion tides with many styles remaining, stylish and iconic throughout the decades.

Here’s a run down of summer shoes that have stood the test of time and trodden the fashion path decade after decade: 

Flip flops 
Those in the know are well aware of just how cool and versatile a pair of flip flops can be. Wear them at the beach, around town or to the hippest cocktail bar in town. They’re perfect for those who like the freedom of something that’s both comfortable to walk in and great for turning heads when paired with a miniskirt, a maxi dress or a pair of hot pants. If there’s one essential piece of footwear to sum up summer style, flip flops would be it.

Wedge heels
For a look that’s edgy, modern, and classic go for a pair of wedge heels. Glamorous whatever the occasion, they look great with anything from long dresses to skinny jeans. There are several styles available, from floral patterns to blue plastic and traditional leather, you’re sure to find something that’s a welcome addition to your wardrobe and able to turn even your most worn outfits into something that feels fresh and new. 
Ballet shoes
Ballet shoes and plimsolls have remained a firm fixture with fashion houses for the last five years. They are great for dressing down an evening outfit for the daytime.

Ballet shoes are equally good at putting the finishing touches to an outfit that feels like it needs spicing up. The best thing about ballet shoes is that they’re inexpensive, meaning that you can purchase a few different pairs and experiment with a variety of colours.  

Mules have experienced something of a renaissance in the last few years. Often overlooked, a pair of mules can switch a daytime dress into party mode in no time at all. With clean lines and elegant styling, mules can help you get a classic French Riviera look in an instant.  

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  1. teresa, i had to google mules. i also didn't know that tennis shoes (that look like keds) are called plimsolls. yeah i had to google those too. i just thought the plimsouls was only a band. as seen here


    go ahead & laugh.

  2. I had to google mules too lol, I didn't know the real name of those shoes. And great article!


  3. I wish I could stay in wedges allll year long :D
    hands down my favorite shoes for summer, perfect with summer dresses!


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