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 Today I'm sharing a guest post from Eleonora.  She is an Italian fashion blogger with a cute sense of style and a sweet personality.  Enjoy and make sure to visit her site!


What's style? Well, I don't know it really well. Style's everywhere and in everything. A lot of people think that's a game, but for me it's a way of life, a way through which I see (I interpret) beauty, friends, work and free time. Why I am telling it to you? Because being a fashion blogger let you talk and express yourself by means of fashion. Yes, I've a blog, and I'm really thankful to Teresa that gave me the opportunity to talk about what I think fashion is, in her blog.
FollementeFashion is the way I see fashion and how I interpret it.

So, get down to the nitty-gritty.

When we look at a beautiful lady like her, with a beautiful dress like the one she wears, we feel immediately sick with envy (and obviously want a dress like hers, a lipstick like hers and, why not?, to smile like her).

Now, the little problem is that she's wearing Versace in this photo (a really gorgeous black velvet bustier dress, with a very high slit that shows Angelina's sexy legs), and only a small part of us has money enough to buy a gorgeous Versace dress like this (if you can, you're really lucky!). So,  my aim is to help you finding another dress like this, but less expensive (your wallet will be  very thankful). An example? This  black bustier dress, or this other with sparkling details: you save money without giving up :D

In FollementeFashion you can also find updates from the most important fashion shows or from fashion magazines, ideas for the new season, and shopping lists.

This summer our hair is the protagonist: braided, messy, and crazy (I love this kind of hairstyles :D)

I'll teach you how to DIY (from shorts, to knitted snoods -really simply-)

Or you can even find me with my outfits, from which I hope you'll find inspiration for your clothes.

(And don't worry if I write in Italian: there is always an English translation for you all! :D)

Thanks a lot, Teresa.
Kisses for everyone.


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  1. Love her photos!


  2. aww eleonora, so cute! i like the way you write.

  3. I will forever love that slit dress of Angelina!

    Armed With Style

  4. She is adorable! Nice blog!


  5. Great guest post, she is so sweet! Love all the braided hairstyles, i am now inspired to try it out.

  6. LOVE her blog! I really love that wicker oversized chair she loves to photograph on ;) And her style is fab!

  7. Her is so cute!!! Love that post, Thank you for recomendation ;)
    Con Tacones en el Metro

  8. LOVE her blog! And she is so cute!Thank your posts!Celebrity Dresses 2014


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