DIY: Transform your shorts!

  Once upon a time, there was a random summer Sunday in which I found myself with free time to do whatever I wanted.  I felt the need to bring out my creativity, as I used to do when I was little and had no responsibilities.  That's when I looked inside my closet in search of an ugly item to transform into a hot summer trend.  And there it was... a pair of not-so-high-waist denim shorts from Forever 21 that needed a fun injection.  Let's tie dye and rip the hell out of them!

Original Shorts:

1. Put them on and make a line where you want to cut them:

2. Start cutting until you are satisfied.  
Keep trying them on, so you are sure of the limits:

3.  Take the tweezers and pull the little white threads, each one of them.  
Don't rip them, just pull as much as you can:

4. Put your gloves on.  Mix water and bleach inside the big bowl.
Place the bottom of the shorts inside and wait.
After 10 minutes, turn them over and wait 10 more minutes:

5. Hang them in the sun for 1 hour and they'll become even more bleached:

6. Throw them in the washing machine, dry them and they'll be ready to use!  You can add some studs to one of the back pockets.  I'll show you later how to!


8 comentarios:

  1. they turn out great!!! looks store bought!

  2. i'm starting to do this will all of my denims, too. cut them, stud them...have yet to bleach them. thanks for the tutorial!

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  3. Great tutorial, they turn out awesome! With this weather the only thing that I want to wear is some shorts, so I recently transform some mother's jeans into some studded shorts too.


  4. Amazing DIY shorts!!!!


  5. You have been awarded!


  6. I love this! Do you know that I have recently become obsessed with tie dye ombre looks????? Going to look for an old pair of shorts now!

  7. well done lady!


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