2012 MTV Movie Awards: Peplums & Fun Prints

I'm a loyal spectator of the MTV Awards, both movies and music.  I got really excited when they announce the date.  I like their ceremonies because they are more casual & fun than others.  The same happens with their red carpets.  Celebrities don't show up with super-expensive gowns and we can see a little more about their personal taste.  This year, the strong trends were peplum and rare prints/textures.  Here's a recap of my favorites!

1. Jessica Biel 
Even though I don't love the sleeves, the hair, the dress color and shoes are adorable!

 2. Charlize Theron
Gorgeous in red peplum!

 3. Elizabeth Banks
She looked so different and daring.  I'm a big fan of red carpet risks.

4. Julianne Hough
This peplum dress is so distinct from the ones you see at stores.

 5. Emma Watson
She looked young, fresh and comfortable in her printed dress.

 6. Emma Stone
This time she didn't impressed me at all, but OMG... look at those shoes!!!

 7. Mila Kunis
I think this dress is screaming out lout: summer-night-out!

 And now... some eye-candy for the girls!
 [ Peter Parker looking classically stylish ]

 [ Chris Hemsworth... Do I need to say anything? ]

[ Channing Tatum with a casual/handsome look ]
Do you have any favorites?
Now it is time for YOUR opinion!

10 comentarios:

  1. chris h11 so awsome,love how he leeks in the THOR movie :)

  2. love Charlize! And the boys are all hot!



  3. I love Charlize's red peplum dress!



  4. mila's my fave look here! emma stone's shoes are smoking too. :)

  5. me gustó mucho Charlize Theron :) es muy elegante y bueno Thor es impresionante, qué guapo!!

  6. For me Amber Rose dress was stunning! And Chris Hemsworth looks very very good ;)


  7. Elizabeth Banks rock the carpet with the outfit, I think is aproppiate for the ocassion. And Charlize Theron looks stunning in the peplum dress! Love all the styles, its hard choose one! The eye candy, HOT! lol


  8. I love the the fashion direction this award show goes in,more chic and trendy than gowns.

  9. Every time I see Chris Hemsworth, I think HE'S AUSTRALIAN YAY!!! Hahah #proudaussie



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