Trend-ish. Icon of September: Emma Watson

I've been thinking of Emma Watson as a trend-ish fashion icon for months.  It is just that in the last minute, I decide to chose a different celebrity. This is it, one of the most chic girls in Hollywood is finally the perfect Trend-ish. icon for this month!

From Harry Potter's little Hermione to a high fashion diva, Emma is now one of the most admired trendsetters in the red carpets and street style.  For some reason, this french girl reminds me so much of Twiggy (see comparison below).  Perfect and edgy face!  I bet she can actually wear ANY hairstyle and still look divine.

Even though Emma seems kinda shy, she manages to look sexy/confident enough in her photo-shoots.  She just has a natural beauty that is very distinctive from any other woman.  Some people may look at her as a girl (same is the case with Selena Gomez), but she is already a gorgeous/stylish/grown-up/22-year-old woman.

Here are two pictures from Glamour - September 2012 Edition:
Can't wait to have it!

[ images source: Pinterest & Google Images ]

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  1. She’s a beautiful girl, love the outfit with the floppy hat!



  2. Ah yes, she is just so pretty! I think my favorite shoot of hers stil has to be the one she did for Teen Vogue. That was so sophisticated and glamorous, but soft, at the same time. http://pinterest.com/pin/250090585527455131/
    And she so looks like Twiggy with her pixie cut!

    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

    1. wow, yes that Teen Vogue shoot is stunning! :)

  3. she truly is beautiful! i am digging those sept 2012 photos. her hair looks so edgy and interesting. :)

  4. Esta niña es hermosísima. Me encantó su look con el cabello muy corto, le favorece mucho. Encuentro que su look chic se le dá muy natural.

  5. So much love for her <3
    When is your fashion week? :-)

    Daisy x

  6. She is a tooooooooootal stunner. So gorgeous and so effortlessly cool. But you're right - there is something a little bit shy about her and that somehow makes her very likeable, doesn't it?

    This was a FAB post - thank you!


  7. Me encanta el hecho de que ella ha tenido el exito mas grande del mundo con Harry Potter y como quiera sigue siendo una de las personas mas humildes de hollywood.



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