My Glam: August

This is only getting better.
Each month I got more and more surprised by My Glam. 
The color this month was definitely PINK and the theme: Endless Summer.

 Inside the box:
- Eclos Plant Based Beauty is a line of non-greasy-refreshing 
creams that are perfect to keep your face moisturized during the the hot weather.

- The Demeter roll on perfume is the right shape 
and size for the tinniest purse.  Okay smell.

- The Salty Cosmetics glitter-ish shadow is great to carry on your bag as 
well and this tone gives a glowing-alive touch to the eyes.

[ more reviews below ]
Box highlights:
 [ From the same line of July's box, this Circus bright-super-girly color is perfect for the summer closure, but I'm only wearing it on my feet, since it may be too much for work.  ]
[ I prefer matte lipstick instead of the glossy ones, but this one smells like 
bubble gum and it is irresistible. ]

How was your Labor Day weekend?!

11 comentarios:

  1. qué bien te cuidan mi niña! ya contarás qué tal te van los productos esos y cuáles recomiendas :) besitos

  2. Me encanta el color del pintauñas! Yo tambien soy una matte lipstick girl, pero tambien me gusta el color de ese lipstick.


  3. it seems like your birthday every month, doesn't it teresa? :)

  4. WOW That box looks so amazing!
    I think it would be a surprise when the time you opened it!
    Amy x

  5. quiero probar la marca eclos esa...que tal te va con ella??

  6. Wow lovely! kinda sad I didn't get this months my glam bag now hahah.

    I love shiny lipglosses actually, except for the way my hair always gets stuck to them -_- and gets all over glasses i drink from. Ugh, but its pretty at least! Lol


  7. se me hizo muy lalrgo este finde largo!! jajaja q bueno!! q es como una suscripcion o algo?? yo quierooo

  8. Ohlala, this is one sensational box! I love the Circus nail polish colour and container, its so vivid and fresh! Id like to see it on. The Glam gloss looks lovely too.

  9. There is something for you on my blog!

  10. I definitely agree that this was a good month! I even like the mesh cosmetic bag, and the lipgloss looks fantastic.

  11. The theme is perfect for you (Where you live is always summer :D)
    Great the nail polish colour! I love it!



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