MTV VMA: Straps & Red Lips

I know this is kinda late, but I apologize because I've been having some life complications that are only making me stronger.  Trying to stay positive and entertain my mind a little writing in this blog.

Last Thursday I watched the MTV Music Awards 2012.  I don't think this was the best edition, since I wasn't that excited about any of the performers and I found it some kind of boring after the first hour.  Now, talking about the red carpet, strappy shoes and red lips were the main trends.  I'm showing you my sort-of-favorites outfits that night:

 My favorite part was the back.  Sexy, but delicate at the same time.

 Emma Watson
Our trend-ish. icon of the month looked very different and youthful with 
this unique piece from Peter Pilotto .
 Miley Cyrus
Sexyness alarm! Even though I didn't liked the Morticia-ish bottom of the gown.

 Taylor Swift
Chic/clean/asymmetrical perfection.  
Pants: the right stand-out for this kind of event.
Zoe Saldana
For some reason, the pictures didn't look as well and cute as she looked live.

[ images source: Google Images ]


9 comentarios:

  1. Love how Emma Watson looks, so pretty!

  2. teresa, sending you love and hugs. you have some great looks here! i favor the emma watson & the back of rhi's gown. doesn't taylor swift look like a super model? :)

  3. liked emma watson and tailor swift...hope everything is ok with you ;)

  4. Wow! That Miley's dress is gorgeous from the back. I don't like it so much at the front -I'm not that keen on super-low cut fronts. Now I sound like a prude!! I just thought it looked super-sexy from the back and then a bit obvious from the front.

    I think Emma Watson could look gorgeous in a binbag!!


  5. i'm all about red lips right now. worn them twice this week already!

  6. Me encanta el traje de Emma Watson porque es chic pero fun, perfecto para este tipo de premios. Y es verdad lo de los performance, yo estaba emocionada por ver a Rihanna y su performance no me gusto.


    1. Ninguno de los performances estuvo para morirse :/

  7. My favorites here are Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift.



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