Recipe: Yogurt & Nutella Lasagna

I'm not the best cook.  I remember when I was in high school and was a huge fan of Food Network channel.  My favorites were Emeryl and Giada.  Even though I have tried a few simple recipes with not so good results and failed miserably, I wanted to become a chef.  I even went to visit a local college specialized in culinary arts with a group of aspiring chefs from my high-school.  They teached us how to make pastries and creme brulee.  That afternoon I went home really excited about trying, at least, the creme brulee recipe.  I did everything in the directions (I thought so), and when I get the thing out of the oven it was just a baked egg inside a cup.  That was when I decided to study something else, not born for this!

Some weeks ago I tried to do a simple recipe for dessert.  I'm a Nutella and yogurt lover.  Here's a light/quick/easy/yummy/healthy dessert if you are as bad in the kitchen as me...

You'll need:
1. Nutella
2. Greek Vanilla Yogurt
3. Strawberry Topping
4. Loose Granola

 Inside a glass, using the same order above, make layers of each ingredient.

What was your favorite dessert this summer?

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  1. looks delicous!

  2. teresa, i'm not much of a cook either. i used to bake. i do LOVE nutella! this past weekend we took defrosted some puff pastry, then mixed a little powdered sugar with cream cheese, then spooned some nutella, folded it over & baked a treat. it's very delicious warm. however, your treat is much healthier. :D my tattoo means peace and love within. the heart is on the wing. the dove image is based on the dove series from the artist picasso. the dove is a personal symbol. it's on my shoulder kind of looking over guiding, & protecting, on my right side.

  3. soy adicta a los helados de yogurt :) me gusta la receta que has posteado, la voy a probar yummy

  4. Hi dear, I am always addicted to the Food Network, I wish i could make a career out of cooking and making desserts. Thanks for this awesome recipe, it seems easy to make and looks delicious, we don't get granola here, what is in it, maybe I can find something similar?

  5. Hi doll!

    Sounds delish, gonna try this definitly!
    My fave dessert of the summer? hmmmm I guess just fruits, watermelon and so on..



  6. ¡¡Si que he estado en NY y desde luego te doy toda la razón del mundo!! A mi lo que más me chocó es como en una ciudad tan moderna y avanzada puedan tener un metro tan viejo y "desfasado"
    Por cierto ¡¡menuda pinta tiene tu receta!!


  7. Que rico se ve eso! Lo voy a intentar. Pues sabes que ahora yo estoy estudiando artes culinarias en la une, y mi inspiracion fue Racheal Ray y Sunny Anderson de Food Network.


  8. Lovely blog.

  9. Yummi! Pero como soy de golosa le pondria la mitad de nutella jejejeje

    Con Tacones en el Metro

  10. It looks absolutely delicious!! I'm definitely trying it out. Gracias por la receta linda.

    <3 Marina


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