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If you are celebrating today, hope you have an amazing Three King Day
For those who don't know what this celebration is about, Three King Day is mainly celebrated in Spain, Mexico and Puerto Rico and is also known as Epiphany.  It takes place every year on January 6 and it is very special for kids as they receive gifts under the Christmas tree, very similar to Christmas Day.  Instead of leaving cookies and milk for Santa, they leave grass and water for the camels.  It is also a Christian celebration, as the Three Kings visited Jesus when he was born and gave him birth gifts.

Everything is closed today, so I'm spending the day with my family.  Tomorrow I'm going shopping and hopefully on Sunday I'll go to the beach.  Yeah, the beach.  We don't have winter in Puerto Rico.  I said hopefully cause I'm so lazy to get up from my bed on Sundays, but one of my resolutions for this new year is to have more contact with nature!

What are you doing the first weekend of 2012???


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  1. That's a GREAT resolution! I did a lot of that in 2011 and it's wonderful. Very relaxing.

    I think I've heard of Three King Day but didn't know much about it. I love learning about other cultures, so thank you for sharing! And Happy Three King Day to you, too!

  2. teresa, i'm sure i've read of that holiday before, but i forgot about it, like usual. oooooo i wish i could go to the beach. have a wonderful weekend with your family puerto rico girl! :)

  3. i want to go to the beach this weekend!!! happy 3 kings day!! i sent you my email hope we can do the meeting!! xoxo

  4. you feeling better? you said you were sick the other day. i swear by zinc.
    Yes, I have Birchbox but I also subscribe to My Glam ($10/monthly too) and I love MY GLAM soooo much more. Unlike birchbox, where i give away/throw out stuff, i use everything from my glam. i even did a post on it. i'm not endorsed by them or anything, i love it.

  5. I have never heard of this before! It's always fun to learn about something new. We don't have many plans this weekend - just hang out and enjoy my last moments of freedom before school begins again.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. ayyy :( I wish we celebrated Reyes Magos in the States or even in Panama. Hope you have a wonderful celebration!


  7. feliz dia de reyes!!!! q tal se portaron?? espero q genial!!! mis planes para el finde son irme a Madrid a continuar el curso :( jajaja


  8. Puerto Rico is beautiful place. will love to visit someday.
    I am following you my dear :) Hope you had fun with ur family today.
    I never knew about such a day..thx so much for sharing with me. ;)

    I probably be hitting the beach too for some sunbathing. Over here in Singapore, its sunny almost every day.
    Have a great weekend too! <3

  9. Felicidades chica! Espero que la pases bien con tu familia. Hoy yo creo que voy para san juan con mi familia.


  10. This sounds like an interesting holiday, I had no idea about it, thanks for the mini-lesson. I like learning about different cultural celebrations

  11. Feliz Dia De los Reyes! Happy New Year. New York is so cold I would love to be able to to to the beach. Enjoy :)



  12. that sounds like such a cool holiday. i wish we celebrated it here in australia! anyway, i hope you're having the best start to the new year!


  13. Happy 3 Kings Day to you! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. We are watching the football play offs and cooking (and I am catching up on my blog comments).



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