Golden Globe Awards 2012: Neutral Extravaganza

 Last Sunday we saw all kind of dress colors, but especially nude neutrals in the 2012 Golden Globes Red Carpet.  Now that I think about it, I was in from of the T.V. from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. watching E! for the red carpet and from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. watching NBC for the gala.  Five hours watching Dior, Dolce & Gabana, Christian Louboutin, Versace, Gucci, Prada and eating munchies with pink-lime juice with my mom: TOTALLY WORTH IT!

The most significant trends were strapless, neutrals and fish tails.  Today I'm sharing my favorite dresses in order of preference. I'm starting with Charlize Theron, who wore a very provocative, but elegant piece from: Dior, of course.
 #1: Charlize Theron wearing Dior

#2: Claire Danes wearing J. Mendel
Bringing edgy/sexy back!

#3: Reese Witherspoon wearing Zac Posen

#4: Jessica Biel wearing Elie Saab
Lace bridal inspired.

 #5: Jessica Alba wearing Gucci
Conservative, classic.

 #6: Emma Stone wearing Lanvin
Different, outstanding.

#7: Kate Beckinsale wearing Roberto Cavalli
She just knew how to work that simple dress.

What do you think?
Who was your favorite?

[ images via MovieFone ]

16 comentarios:

  1. Sii! Hubo mucho neutral y me encanto! Para mi las mejores (empatadas en belleza) Charlize y Kate! Neutrales hermosos! Besitos preciosa!

  2. Kate Beckinsale can do no wrong! OBsessed with her!...in a totally heterosexual way, of course :)

  3. I love Emma Stone dress but also Nicole Kidman dress was gorgeous!


  4. Last one is my favorite! Reese looks good...very young-ish! I think I prefer her hair like that, as opposed to the shorter cut.

  5. They are all so gorgeous but I think I love Jessica Alba's dress.

    xo erica

  6. i like reading your interpretation teresa. it's so interesting that every blog has different opinions. some say their best dressed are others worst dressed. since i didn't watch it, i'm intrigued by how, the various angles of photographs gives me another point of view, of the same dress. :)

  7. Charlize Theron was amazing, there's no doubt!!! Jessica Alba is so perfect!!!


  8. They were really so many outstanding looks this year, its so hard to pick a favourite, but Charlize has my vote.

  9. I love them all and honestly don't have a favorite. All of them are looking just fabulous and oh so Hollywood.

    <3 Marina

  10. The Dior and Lanvin dress is so amazing! Can't get over how stunning the Lanvin one is, seriously.. Emma Stone sure knows how to work it.

    Love from the NaNa girls ^^

  11. Love your blog!!! Check mine we could follow!!! xoxo from Rome


  12. All of them are the best dressed! I love all! They looks so chic and glamorous!

  13. Wow great selection! Although I would pick Emma Stone for No1! You know my faves already :)


  14. Emma and Kate looked totally amazing!

  15. for me emma looked stunning i love the edgyness of her outfit, jessica biel's dress was lovely too.
    as for kate she looked stunning and fab but i've seen this type of dresses 100 times before. nothing new here.


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