SAG Awards 2012: Colors, Lace, Legs and Pants

I couldn't watch the SAG Awards last Sunday, but next day I was goggling the red carpet photos at 8:00 a.m.  I have to say that some of the actresses amazed me even more than my favorite ones from the Golden Globe Awards.  I saw a great variety of colors, shapes and even a daring look with pants, instead of the typical dress.  I love when celebrities take some risk and love it even more when it has great results.  The main risk of the night was Rose Byrn,who wore a beautiful white jumpsuit with the right hair to look perfectly classy.  As always, I'm sharing my favorites in order of preference... 
Here we go!

 #1: Rose Byrne wearing the daring piece of the night
from one of my favorite designers: Elie Saab

 #2: Michelle Williams did a better job this time wearing Valentino
with beautiful lace sleeves detail!

  #3: Emily Blunt looks stunning in a green-one-shoulder 
piece by Oscar de la Renta

#4: Leah Michelle showed her sexy legs while looking chic wearing Versace

#5: Natalie Portman also did a better job than her last appereance
with this cute maroon dress from Giambattista Valli

[ images via MarieClaire & GoogleImages ]

10 comentarios:

  1. michelle williams es tan fabulosa, me encanta el vestido y su peinado, todo glamour :) besitos

  2. Emily Blunt looks amazing in that color. I do think that Rose Byrne's hairstyle is kind of matronly for her. It makes her look old.

  3. I never watch the award shows, but how fab is that jumpsuit? OMG I am never into jumpsuits but THAT one??? YES!

  4. The jumpsuit is amazing! So chic! Fabulous dresses! Love all of them!


  5. i can't decide if i love or hate the lace jumpsuit. why can't i make up my mind? michelle williams wins in this set for me.

  6. I didn't get rose's outfit, but appreciate her stepping out the box

    1. haha i know, it is a love it or hate it look!!!

  7. Leah Mitchel dress was one of my favorites, I always love the dreamy, kind of faerie types of dresses.


  8. Love love Natalie Portman! I also liked Emily's bright green dress as well as Sofia Vergara and what can I say about Elie Saab? Genious genious! x



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