Once you go short, you never go back...

At least that's how I feel right now about my new haircut.  I used to feel my long hair owned me, now I feel I'm the one that owns my hair.  It's made for me, for my face shape, for my high and it gives me identity.  I think that says all about how I feel about it... free, stylish, ME.  

Do you own your haircut?  Have you been thinking for a long time to do a new look, but haven't feel courage enough to do it?  Well, I only have two words for you... DO IT!  You won't regret and if so, hair is always growing.  They did the exact same haircut I asked for: this one.

1) Fun  2)Easier to take care of  3)Looks healthy  4)Matches my face type

1) Can't do my boho-side-braid anymore or let it air-dry.  
2) To not feel girly enough with some clothing.
 Top: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Express

And... finally got my sun-tan this weekend!
Bikini: Billabong
Sunglasses: American Eagle
Watch: Nixon

How was your weekend?! 

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  1. That hair looks so pretty, and it looks great on you! I absolutely love it!


  2. Love Love your new hairstyle! It suits you so perfectly, you look stunning hun. Is that also your natural colour or did you tint it?

  3. your haircut is superb, dear teresa! :) i bet you'll still find a way to make the boho side braid, or maybe not? anyway, i wish i looked that good in a swimsuit. that's a sight of me no one wants to see.

  4. Love your new hair cut, You look amazing! And I'm glad I gave you motivation on my last post, hope to see the answers of my questions soon!


  5. ooh nice new haircut! I'm digging the look on you, it frames your face well. I've been thinking of dying my hair, but mmmmm firstly it's $$$ to upkeep as my hair grows fast and secondly my hair is pretty damaged... but I'm kind of bored with my hair lol

  6. Yesss :) Great choice!

    I never found an haircut that matches my face shape! But I can't stop searching :P It takes half an hour-45 minutes to dry my hair (I want a shorter cut i this moents, but I'm in love with braids and other hair-do styles, so I never cut my hair more than 3-4 cm! O.O)


    |FolleMente Fashion|

  7. Nice change! You look great even more now! x


  8. estás guapísima! :) me dan ganas de cortármelo a mi también pero no se si me quedará igual de bien que a ti, besitos

  9. ay te quedo divino!!! es exacto lo q dices, parece hecho para ti!!! yo creo q nunca podria cortarme el pelo, amo demasiado los pelos largos y con volumen, x degsracia no tengo lo segundo :( jajaja

    sobre la gala no se, cada año me decepciona mas realmente :( jajaja


  10. your hair are so pretty love the haircut !


    Elegantesque Blog 

  11. Your haircut looks great :)You took a great decision

  12. A suntan??? I am so jealous! It's cold in Chicago beach weather is another very long 5 months from now! I love your new hair cut, it looks great and I think you can still wear it in a lot of feminine styles.

  13. my weekend was relacin except I didn't get a tan so you win! :) :)
    Love the short hair on you. Some people can't pull it off.. for example, I look like a mom with short hair. You look sophisticated :)

  14. love the haircut! i did that too before and it felt GOOD and now its long again and i wanna just CHOP it hehe
    thanks for sharing hun maybe we can be friends ^^

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  15. Teresa!!! I <3 IT. You're haircut is a hit!!! You look stunning and love how vibrant and happy you look on all of your pictures. And I am so jelly of you girly...Can I please have your stomach .. I mean seriously is that a six-pack I see! :)) Love

    <3 Marina

  16. i love your haircut, and i love your beach body! such a hottie haha <3

  17. You look so stylish! I like your haircut and your hair color! Perfect for start the 2012! xoxo


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