Pinky Promise

Last Saturday I had a Laguna Beach marathon by myself, via Netflix.  At night we went to a concert in tribute to Bob Marley's birthday.  A roofless concert under heavy rain.  My boyfriend and I ended up soaking wet, but it was worth the good vibe & music.  On Sunday I went shopping with my mom, had sushi and ended the day at the movies watching The Woman In Black.  If you get scared easily, don't watch it.  Now I need to get on track with my thesis, cause I'm handing out a draft on February 26.  I'll start this week... pinky promise!

Talking about pink, even though I don't like to wear this color, I wore pink stuff all weekend, including my new plaid top and the pink lipstick I mentioned last Friday.

[ with my boyfriend at the concert ]
[ no, we didn't planned to dress similar... just coincidence ]

Some Instagram shots... 

 First season!  Class of 2004, just like mine... good memories!

Top:  American Eagle
Lipstick: Rimmel London
Double ring: Charlotte Russe
Watch: Swatch

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  1. qué monada el anillo! lo debiste pasar genial en el concierto tributo a bob marley su música es lo más! :)

  2. such a nice top!lovely make up and hair :)

  3. ay yo queria estar en el concierto!!! seguro q lo pasasteis genial!!

    solo puedes tener instagram si tienes iphone verdad??


    1. estuvo buenísimo! pues instagram lo puedes tener en un iPhone o en un iPod ;) besito!

  4. Hi sweetheart, very cute pics! I like the plaid shirt, sounds like a fun weekend, I haven't heard of that movie before, but now I am interested in watching it. I must ask if that it your natural hair colour, I love how glossy and richly shaded it is.

    1. hi sweetheart! i dye it with the LOREAL Sublime Mousse: Spicy Auburn Brown ;)

  5. you & your boyfriend look wonderful! :) i didn't notice the matching plaid, until you mentioned it. funny how that happens. isn't it? i remember laguna beach. it seems like a lifetime ago. did you like kristin? she came across as such a witch, at least that's how i think, they portrayed her. pretty feather ring. thesis yuck suck, one step of torture, at a time, darling. you can do it.

  6. You're so pretty! Stumbled across your site whilst blogwalking, looking forward to your future posts!

    Care to follow each other?

    headed to follow you on instagram now!




  7. Hola preciosa! No te habia visto desde tu cambio de look! Te quedo genial!! La camisa a cuadros esta preciosa! Tienes un premio en mi blog!

  8. That feather ring is amazing!

    xo Jennifer


  9. Your new haircut looks great. And I love your shirt :)

  10. Hey girl! Love the top and that ring is amazing!


  11. you and your boyf are the cutest!!
    i added you on instagram btw. my username is @daisysphotosx

    i hope you're well!!


  12. Sighting...Laguna Beach I remembered watching it every week and that's when I fell in love with LC. (LOL)

    Bob Marley party sounds amazing and so much fun despite of the rain and loving the photo of you and your man too cute!!

    Thanks for sharing your week in photos doll.

    <3 Marina


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