Trend-ish icon of February: Elle Fanning

13 years old.  Yes, she is.  And she has a distinct style already.

I think I don't even had a remote idea of what my style was at that age, I just remember going to stores and picking "cute items" following the trends, but without a signature style.

I choose Elle, because I LOVE the romantic/boho look in all her shootings.  Perfect for the most romantic month of the year: FEBRUARY<3.

[ with her sister: Dakota Fanning ]
[ images via Tumblr & GoogleImages ]

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  1. Hi sweety, thanks so much for your kind b-day wishes, I really appreciate it :) I couldn't comment earlier because my internet was down, still sorta is.
    Elle is already a style star at such a young impressive age

  2. me enamoré de ella cuando la vi en somewhere, tiene una carita tan dulce, es una monada de niña :)

  3. I love them! Elle is a very pretty girl, and I love her bohoo style, too. She's so romantic :)



  4. i have to say i agree with you completely, dear teresa. elle looks magical in the fashion magazines. she also seems wise beyond her years.

  5. yes she is stunning nad I cant get over the fact she is 13. I think i was wearing ugly clothes at the moment... I think!
    these fanning girls are wonderful!

  6. love her ladylike style!

    xoxo navy & orange

  7. Elle Fanning sure does know a thing or two about what her style is. She definitely dresses to suit herself, and she knows what works and what doesn't. She is surely going to be huge in the fashion industry once shes gets a bit older.

    Love, the NaNa girls x

  8. I love the fact that at such a young age she has a better style than most older actresses. At that age my style consisted on wearing only jeans and shirts which was a horrible choice. I'm so glad that I changed it lol!


  9. Elle is gorgeous! I've never taken a close up look at her pictures only because she is so young. But I have to say, I think she is more beautiful than her sister.


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