Review: New Beauty Acquisitions

The main reason to go shopping yesterday was to redeem my Victoria's Secret exclusive member  coupons: 1 free thing and $10 off any bra.  The story ended up differently as I made the mistake of walking inside Sephora.  I mean, it wasn't a whim at all cause I really needed a new blush and a face wash.  I was thinking of getting a pink-ish blush instead of the bronzer I've been using for like five years.  I also wanted to try new and bizarre brands, so I think there was no better place I rather be than Sephora, right?.  I couldn't wait to try any of these stuff, so here's the review...

Too Faced Full Bloom Ultra Flush Powder Blush (Cocoa Rose)
Pros: vintage and cute package / easy to apply / intense color / easy to carry in your purse
Cons: too small for $19 / not so easy to open / doesn't bring any brush

Soap & Glory Face Soap with Superfruit Plum
Pros: big bottle / only $16 / refreshing smell / small dots that feel so good and kind of massage your face / perfectly clean sensation
Cons: none for now.

How was the weekend?

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  1. two faced es una marca difícil de encontrar por aquí pero quienes la han probado están encantados, a ver si puedo hacerme con algo y te comento :) besitos

  2. Hey lovely,

    I LOVE reviews!! There's nothing quite like a good one to make me reach for my purse!!! Thanks so much for sharing these finds!!


  3. Too Faced makes some of my favorite products. They wear really well. I am currently loving their eyeshadow.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. oh sephora, the land of beauty, & for me, utter distraction, with what do i want to try now? teresa, it's nice to get your opinions on products, because it feels like you give your honest opinion. :)

  5. Love the products you bought, and their packages i mean wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    does the soap and glory one come in a smaller package?

  6. buenas compras!!! ahora sty como loca por probar la bb cream, has probado alguna en concreto??


  7. My weekend was very relaxing. I didn't have any errands to run or places to go. I haven't tried either of those products but I am definitely considering the second.

    Now following you!

  8. Ahhhhhh Sephora? That store is the kiss of death because if I am about to leave a mall empty handed...once I go in...I'll come out with SOMETHING..ANYTHING! That is why I am an VIB. ahhhhh!!!!!

  9. Que lindas compritas!! El bluch es precioso y ese jaboncito se ve que huele riquisimo!!
    Besitos preciosa!

    p.d Verdad que a veces estas cosas andan bipolares? jajaja

  10. i love too faced! the weekend was very relaxing :) i hope you had a good one, dear!
    <3 jamie

  11. I love the blush package!


  12. i love sephora too! love the blushes especially Nars!


  13. Beautiful! :)

  14. Hi sweety, missed your blog while I was away. You have bought some really amazing products. I love both these brands, the packaging is just too cute! I like the cocoa rose shade, pity about not having a brush.

  15. I feel you girly Sephora can be extremely dangerous!! LOL

    Great reviews and yes agreed on the two face product way too small for the price! :)

    <3 Marina

  16. So glad we don't have a Sephora here! The nearest one is two hours away and I have absolutely no self control once I enter it. That blush intrigues me....I've been looking for a more subtle rose color lately. Stila used to make a great one but they discontinued it. I'll have to check in to this.


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