Inspiration: Boho-Casual

So yes, most of the bloggers I follow are now posting about all their cute Fall outfits, layering pieces and wearing cute tights with leather stuff. Well, I can't. The weather is so hot right now at the Caribbean, that I still HAVE to use summer clothing. So this time I was inspired by one of my favorite looks: boho-chic. My solution is to take advantage of the hot weather and use fall colors while staying fresh and comfortable!

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  1. I love this look! It's still pretty warm here so I'm doing the same thing - trying to wear summer-y clothes but more fall colors.

  2. LOVE these pieces! It's still fairly warm over here so I've kept the layering to a minimum, unfortunately.

  3. i love this look, very impiratif :). wanna follow each oter?


  4. like this insp!!
    new outfit. have a look kiss

    Patchwork à Porter

  5. The weather is just starting to change here in
    Lebanon and as much as I'm looking forward to fall and coats... I don't want to say goodbye to my summer dresses :(
    Very cute outfit btw, love the bangle and handbag :D

  6. i love new girl as well! i hope nick and jess get together, you can just tell they're meant to be :3

    XO D

  7. Enjoy the warm weather while you can! I love the boho chic look- wish I could pull it off.

  8. I think it is awesome you live in tropical weather year round because honestly....that is what I would love! As much as 4 seasons is fun, I would love hot weather year round and I love that orange bangle cuff! It is beautiful...and so glad to hear you are having a fast week!

  9. very lovely earrings teresa! i'm delighted to say, in texas, it's finally cooling down a bit, but most people would probably still consider it summer.

  10. I would absolutely thrive in your climate! I am having fun with fall this year, but I just love the beaches and the heat and the sunshine and tank tops and sundresses and sandals and . . . well, I could go on and on. =) This outfit kinda makes me really jealous. lol

  11. This is such an awesome boho-casual inspiration and yes let's keep it cool with the feather earrings. It's def a LOVE for me.

    <3 Marina


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