Puerto Rico High Fashion Week: Runway Madness

Okay, okay... I couldn't make it to the New York Fashion Week, but last Saturday I was invited to the last day of the Puerto Rico High Fashion Week at Puerto Rico Convention Center!  I  saw the collections from fashion designers José Raul, Magalis García and Jaer Cabán. 

If I had to summarize that fashion show in three words, I would say: Spainiard, African and Indian (the three roots to our blood).  I ended up with so many good pictures that I had to split them in two posts.  Today I'm gonna let the pictures from the catwalk tell the story and tomorrow we'll talk about the outfit... deal?

José Raúl: African Hotness

Magali G.: Spaniard Elegance

Jaer C.: Indian Fire

Have an amazing week lovelies!

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  1. Looks like a great event! I bet you had so much fun there!

  2. Those designs are beautiful! It looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. Looks like a great time was had. Great post!



  4. i am digging all the yellow outfits. bout fashion police: they just said that there was a trend for red. about a week before the emmy's this one guest mocked the way lea michele poses for photos. michele. then they showed lea michele's photo while she posed on the red carpet with her emmy dress. the guest girl had nailed lea michele's pose & expression perfectly. it was funny, & cute.

  5. This looks like fun, so many awesome designs!


  6. I love the pink and the yellow dress from the set of pictures! And I am super excited to see what you wore! I hope you get an H&M soon, apparently a lot of readers loved today's dress and are now making a trip to H&M soon ;)

  7. Thank you for introducing this to me because I need to add this to my calender of events next year. Puerto Rico sure presented some great fashion here. Of course with all the great tradition and influences. Great post! Viva Puerto Rico!


  8. it looks like an amazing event!



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