NYC: Day 1

One of the things I like most about NY is that nobody cares about what you are wearing or what you're doing.  People just walks in their own world and you don't have to worry if some coffee fell on your white top, if the pants broke or you just lost your mind in the morning putting together some crazy outfit. Day #1 was all about walking around at Central Park and having pizza at Times Square.  The whole day I wore a lose hair bun (like the ones I wear to clean my house) and no makeup.  Nobody looked at me like some weirdo (like it could possible happen where I live).  I was so tired from the rush of the flight the day before, I didn't wanted to fix my hair or really care, I just wanted to be there and enjoy the city.  

[ central park ]

 [ he proposed marriage to her and she said YES! ]

[ times square ]
  [ vintage heaven, i want all of those ]

This is what I wore at night for a couple of drinks:

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  1. I love the 3rd picture Teresa! You look like a star!!! These photos are gorgeous and I cannot wait to see what you bought from H&M in NYC :)

  2. Oh darling you're complaining for nothing you look great.
    I love times square it takes my breath away every time I see it.

  3. Love all the pics and....you're right: in NYC nobody cares about what you're wearing or if your make-up is done! It's really beautiful :)

  4. Teresa! you look adorable! Love it all...especially your hair and no makeup! Enjoy wearing no makeup while you are young and have wonderful skin! You get older..you need more stuff to cover up, other stuff! Ugh! Fun pics of NY!
    XO Carrie

  5. I know completely love NY and whenever I visit is the exact same thing for me. Trying to look comfortable and chic and you did just that girly. Looking super cute and your bag is gorgeous. LOVE THE pic of the couple...how cute.

    <3 Marina

  6. Fun pictures! I love taking it easy in nyc and just walking around, enjoying being there.

  7. Very stylish!


  8. Love the gray boots in the last outfit and all those vintage posters. Congratulations on your friends! =)


  9. you know what teresa? you looked fabfreakingfantastic in that loose bun, no make-up, very rocker chic jacket, studded purse & motorcycle boots! i want to know about the pizza. what kind? was it good? was it? how about the drinks. i bet you have more photos of that event. dontcha?

  10. You look gorgeous! Effortless rocker chic

  11. I can tell you had a good time! Love the Ny photos and the happy couple! And your outfit! Esp the studded bag and the booties! x


  12. It sounds so nice to be in a place where people just mind their own business and don't stare, don't care etc! You look great with no makeup, glad you got to enjoy the city :)


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