NYC: Day 3

This was the last day from the trip and it was spent hanging around the World Trade Center Memorial and Wall Street.  We had the opportunity to see the strike area for the Occupy Wall Street.  People from all ages were camping there and it was really impressing and interesting!  

There's really nothing special about the outfit, that day I just wanted to feel comfortable and simple (not to mention the hangover from the night before).  I  wore a stripy long sleeve top from Zara with my fave jeans cause the day was going to be really long having a flight at 11:00 pm back to Puerto Rico.
[ subway station ]
 [ my boyfriend ]

[ most comfortable boots in the whole world!!! ]

 [ Wall Street strike ]

[ the bull ]

[ I was born @ the Albert Einstein Hospital ]

[ the view from the apartment ]

[ Grand Central Station ]
So this was the end of this last-minute-fun-exhausting-mini-vacation.
See you later New York, I'll miss you!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. OMG, I want to go to NY so bad!! Anyway, me alegra encontrar otra blogger de PR y me encanta tu blog, definitivamente te siguo! Bueno espero que espero que la hayas pasado super en tu NY trip!


  2. qué recuerdos me han traido tus fotos de cuando yo estuve por ahí, amo NY

  3. love all the pic! =) I wish I met bloggers like you here.


  4. You captured some great sights of NYC!
    Sorry I missed you this visit. It's been a quite busy for me these days. Hope you come back soon. :)




  5. What a quick trip and thank you for sharing! Your boots are gorgeous and I hope someday you'll visit Chicago :)

  6. i want those most comfortable boots in the whole world! i like your outfit. that photo of your boyfriend looks like "hurry up teresa i so don't want my picture taken." maybe i'm just thinking of what my guy says to me. you got some good nyc shots.

  7. :-) why did you only go for three days? it would've killed me to only stay in a city for less than a week :o

    XO D

  8. Hey !! How have you been since the last moment ?? So nice to see that you are visiting this so amazing town. You lucky to go and see this memorial !! Love the pics ! See you around !!



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