NYC: Day 2

Ahh New York... the smell, the noice, the vibe... everything is so particulary unique.
On the second day of the NY weekend adventure,  we went shopping at day and party at night.  We don't have an H&M store at my country, so I finally went to the one located in Broadway, Manhattan and fell in love with it.  They have a variety of clothing/accessories and everything is so price-friendly! 

[ live jazz @ the streets ]

At night...
I know, I know... I was supposed to wear [ this ] outfit, but the weather and tiredness won't let me.  The top, bag and tights were okay, but the blazer and shoes: gone.  Instead of the blazer I wore the heavy-leather jacket, for a windy 51° and instead of the wedge booties I had to wear the flat ones.   
Tip: it is better to party warm and comfortable.
  [ dinner ]

  [ with our friends from Washington DC ]

   [ somewhere down there ]

We ended the night at West Village.  There were a lot of pubs with live music and many good restaurants in that area.  People say East Village is very similar, so we'll definitely go next time.

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  1. Teresa...you seem to have had the best time!!! NYC is so much fun, I've never been to West Village but would love to one day go back again. I hope we'll see your H&M haul!

  2. i'm in love with NY..sweet memories..great post!
    new on mine.i wait u!kiss

    Patchwork à Porter

  3. are you gonna show us what you bought at h&m? looks like you had the time of your life. name that movie.

  4. I wish I could go to NYC one day :) Lucky girl

    Libra xx

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  6. great pictures! looks like fun!


  7. Looks like you had so much fun! Look great. :)


  8. cute outfit :) I've never been to NYC but your fashion district sign picture kind of summed up why I need to go!! asap!!

  9. Que linda NY, me encanta como se muestra la mezcla de todo, Bello, bello...

    Como ves me pongo al dia con tu blog jajajaja, me encanta.



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