Review: L'OREAL Products

 Since I'm such a big fan of the L'OREAL Sublime Mouse [ reviewed here ],  I wanted to try a few more products to see if I can marry the brand, like I did with Fructis.  Last weekend I bought two things that I needed: a new powder and a good eye-cream.  Yeah, yeah I know that I'm only 25, but my mom always says that when it comes to face wrinkles it is better to prevent than to repair, so take note!

This powder really covers imperfections and is so natural.  Face feels and seems soft and even.  The package is really unique, but may be kinda difficult to use for some people.

 With only 4 days of use, I've already seen a difference in my eyes.  They seem more alive and bright!  The tube is easy to carry on your purse or for traveling... two in one!  Sun protection at day and skin repair while you sleep... just perfect!  The only negative fact could be that the package cheats because the cream tube is pretty small.

Do I marry the brand?
hair permanent color
powder foundation
eye cream
Hmmm... i think so!

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  1. Oh I love hearing about products other people use! I'm glad to know that eye cream is a good one!

  2. thanks dear, ive followed you back <3


  3. i guess this old hag should start using some eye cream.

  4. Your mom is right, it is never too early to start investing in anti-aging and preventative care! I may try this eye cream next, I currently use Clarins Eye Extra Lifting serum, $79.... I've read great things about loreal and now that I am seeing your review, I think I am going to get it next :) Thank you Teresa!

  5. I'm definitely going to try that eye cream!

  6. I need the eye cream for sure! I noticed that I have bags and dark circles under my eyes. Maybe this will help? Heather

  7. it looks amazing! i need eye cream!!

    <3 steffy

  8. Thank for the comment.
    Nice blog you got here!

    Freja <3


  9. ooooo do u think eye cream = anti aging? of is that a diff thing @_@

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  10. I adore L'oreal products, eye cream is a definite must for me :)

  11. I need to buy eye cream as well - I'll check out L'oreals, thank you for the rec! :)

  12. hola guapa! tendré que probar esa base de maquillaje que recomiendas, tiene buena pinta :) si vas a venir a españa el mes próximo te recomendaría que comieses todas las variedades de churros que encuentres porque están buenísimos! a mi me chiflan jajaja.. espero que te lo pases muy bien cuando estés por aquí, ya nos contarás :)

  13. You should of done before and after with the eye cream!

    My skin is super sensitive and last time I bought a moisturising like that one, my whole face erupted into zits. EEP!

  14. I've heard of these products but have yet to try any myself. It's always good to start caring for one's face at a younger age. But the best is eating right.

  15. if you're using makeup to prevent wrinkles/pimples, you should use natural products which revitalise your skin and suit your age. it's something that i've read in countless magazines and on the "beauty" section of tFS. do you have an account there? (it stands for the fashion spot).

    but yeah, just thought i'd let you know :)

    other than that, thanks for all the reviews you give!

    XO D

  16. Is a perfect age to start prevent and care about your skin, and Loreal is amazing! Later I will give to you a secret about the brand! You will love it more!! xoxo


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