I want to thank all of YOU for the support during 2011 with this adventure called Trend-ish!   I'm excited about all the new ideas, creativity and articles to come in the new year.

Have a safe/fun New Year's Eve
and a successful/amazing 2012!!!



Another Year Behind

This year was wonderful!  I started blogging, I traveled twice: N.Y.C. & Spain, I started working as an intern at a fashion magazine and I'm almost done with my master degree.  I'm kinda sad 2011 is almost over, cause it was incredibly perfect.

What can I say about the last week of the year?  Nothing really special, but it was good.  I went to see New Year's Eve last Monday with my boyfriend and I totally loved Ashton Kutcher, I mean the movie.  It was a really cute story with a bunch of great actors all over the place... don't miss it!  My plans for this weekend are to stay at a little/private party with my family at home and wait until 12:00 p.m. for the toast.


thin scarves.
This has been a cold winter for my year-round-warm-country.  And when I say cold, I mean 65-72 degrees... yeah, that's really cold here.  Thin scarves are great for this weather and they are a cute complement to any outfit. 
[ scarves in the picture from American Eagle ]


I discovered this blogger named Leslie (Fashion Needy) last week.
She's beyond chic and stylish.

Damycool said...
"Hola bella ! La verdad es que te vez bien con el cabello corto y largo jeje, pero si vas a cortarlo me gusta el estilo de Jessica Alba! Gracias por tus dulces comentarios! siempre es bueno tenerte de visita en mi blog! Y si, nuestros paises se parecen mucho jeje Besitos!"
English TranslationHello beautiful! The truth is that you look good with both short hair and long lol, but if you cut it, I like the style of Jessica Alba! Thank you for your sweet comments! always good to have you visiting my blog! And yes, our country looks are very similar hehe Kisses!
  Why this comment? Two reasons, I feel she's really honest and sweet and she's letting me know we really have something in common, answering a comment I left recently on one of her posts.
What are your plans for the weekend?


The 2011 Glamour Collection

I'm missing my January issue, but today I'm showing my collection of Glamour Magazines from 2011.  These are my text books and biggest inspiration for blogging and discovering trends.  My favorite sections are:  "Hey, it's OK..." and "What are you wearing today?".  Do you receive or purchase Glamour?  What's your favorite section?

 [ my fave issue: May ]

Did you collect any magazine in 2011?
Which one?


Haircut Dilemma

There are three things that I consider self-body mutilation: tattoos, piercings and haircuts.  That's why I am so doubtful and always think a lot about it before doing any one of them.  I only have one little tattoo, used to have the belly piercing and I have done significant hair-cuts only twice in my whole life.  

Most of my life I had long hair, but #2 in my new year's resolution list is changing my look.  About four years ago I chopped my hair to the shoulders and I cried for three consecutive nights.  Then I realized how easy it was to take care of it and I even looked older, which is really hard for me because I'm short and have kind of a little girl face.

  [ here's a picture of me with long hair (left) and years ago with short hair (right) ]

My Options:

[ images via GoogleImages ]

What do you think?
Do you prefer long hair or short hair?



Accessorize Me !

Hi lovelies!
I'm back after spending a relaxing Christmas weekend with the people I love most, there's no better gift than having that opportunity.  Being a fashion lover makes Santa's work easier cause there are many things that can make me happy, for example: tops, skirts, shoes and... accessories!  Most of my gifts were cute accessories and I love every single one of them.  Of course I'm showing you...

[ this is a Pandora charm I gave to my mom ]

tell me about the "fashion stuff" Santa left under your Christmas tree!



My Letter to Santa: Christmas Wishlist

Today should be up a week recap, as every Friday, but since my week wasn't as good as I thought it will be, I decided to skip it and just talk about the Christmas weekend ahead!  So today I'm showing you the list that I wish Santa leaves under the Christmas tree.  I know he won't bring all of them, but at least I'm sure about #1 & #2.

1. The new iPod touch - 8gb.

2. A simple/sporty watch from Swatch.

3. Michael Kors tote.

4. Elizabeth Arden Face Cream Capsules 
[ girls.. if you haven't try these capsules,
  they are amazing for your face, trust me! ]

My weekend is gonna be all about spending time 
with my family, boyfriend and some close friends.  

What about yours?
hope all of you have a...
merry little Christmas !


J'Adore T.V. commercial: Iconic Beauty

 Today I'm sharing a T.V. commercial that totally blew my mind: the 2011 J'Adore commercial with Charlize Theron.  Charlize shares the backstage of a glamourous fashion show with iconic blondes: Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich.  Humble, right? It's unbelievable what technology can do.  My mom and I were shocked at how real they look.  But the real meaning of this spot is that only sophisticated women would use this perfume.  They are also comparing Charlize Theron with such prestigious icons, so Charlize was chosen as the perfect example of a modern glamour icon.

 [ Grace Kelly ]
 [ Marilyn Monroe ]
[ Marlene Dietrich ]


[ video via YouTube ]
[ images via GoogleImages ]

What do you think?


Review: New Hair Treatments

Well well... it's been a LONG time since I don't make a review.  Here's a new one!  You know I'm married to Fructis, especially the Pure Clean Shampoo and Conditioner [ see review here ].  But the bottle was empty, so I went to the drugstore to buy Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo.  I wanted to buy the conditioner too, but it was not available, so I decided to try a new hair mask. 
Here we go . . .

smells as good as any Fructis product
really works for frizzy hair
it actually made my hair look sleeker after letting it hair-dry 

hair gets greasy easier [ may be too much moisture ]
as any other Fructis bottle, not easy to open

First of all, I don't know if this product is available in your country, 
but I'm still gonna let you know the review... just in case. 

This mask contains Keratin.  What is Keratin? Keratin is a natural protein found in hair, nails and skin.  As we get older, we start losing it and lack of Keratin makes hair look dry and brittle.

soft/attractive texture
it's a repairing mask, so it leaves hair really moisturized
excellent after dying your hair
lasts a lot, since it comes in a really BIG bowl

doesn't smell bad, but doesn't smell good either [ weird smell ]
i've tried better masks like Neutrogena

[ images via GoogleImages ]


The Bag That I didn't Make Mine

As you already know, I went shopping a few times during my trip to Spain last month.  I bought some stuff from H&M and Mango.  The prices from Zara and Mango really surprised me, as in USA stores, clothes are not as cheap as 7 or 10 = $9 or $12.99.  That's right, I spent 45€ = $58.47 for three blouses and a cute clutch at Mango.  Yes, that would've cost me only one blouse here!  Nothing to regret about that shopping, except for one thing: the bag I didn't make mine

I fell completely in love with the bag on the picture above.  Only 55€ = $72.  Every single detail captivated me!  I try it on me, I touched it, I smelled it, but I didn't bought it!!!  Reasons?  Not enough space on my luggage, the rest of the day ahead in Bilbao to spend it carrying a medium-size bag and not sure about what I was going to find later, so I needed to safe some money.  Big mistake!  Now I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life, cause I'm 8 hours away from Spain!  At least I took a picture of it.

 [ top #1 ]
[ take a look at the price ]

  [ top #2 ]
[ sorry is all crumpled ]

  [ top #3 ]
[ liked the buttons detail ]

 [ the little clutch ]

 How was your weekend?!
Are you done with the Christmas shopping?
I'm 85% done!


Another Week Behind

 [ me at a party this week ]

This week was nice.  My best friend visited me on Monday, we always have a great time/talk.  On Wednesday I went to a fashion magazine Christmas Party at a really nice place in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico (picture of me above).  During the whole week, I also tried a few Sangrías (which is a drink made of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener and a small amount of brandy) and we really like to drink on Christmas time.  Not to mention I'm finally FREE since I handed out my thesis proposal on Monday!  No college until January!


two-finger ring.
As this weekend I'll finish to do my Christmas shopping, which is 50% completed, I'll try to find one of these.  I just love the design of these pieces!


This is Annabelle from VivaLuxury!
What I like most about this outfit? EVERYTHING!
The neutral colors, the sweater/cardigan, the gorgeous shoes, 
the cropped jeans, the bag...

Daisy Chein said...
thank you so much! :-) your posts make me feel the strongest pang of wanderlust!! XOXO

Have a sweet weekend,


One Night at Madrid, Spain

  After staying an entire week at Pamplona, we ended our trip at Madrid.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and stayed there for the whole night. We spent some time at La Gran Vía, where we went shopping, eat something and just hanged around.  Later we took the subway and hit the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium after the Real Madrid team won a soccer game that same night.  La Gran Vía reminded me so much of Times Square, NYC!  Next day we took a plane back to Miami at 12:00 p.m.

[ near the Puerta de Atocha train station ]

[ i adore this vintage-CocaCola advertising ]

[ arriving La Gran Vía ]

(some low quality photos taken from my cell phone, sorry about that!)

[ view from the hotel room ]


One Day at Bilbao, Spain

  That Friday, after we finished school Monday-Thursday in Pamplona, we took a bus and after 2 hours we arrived Bilbao, Spain.  This was a real city, so different than Pamplona.  A lot of people, restaurants and... STORES!  I definitely went shopping and got a few things from Mango (will talk more about the shopping on another post!). I really liked this place, food and surroundings.  We also had the opportunity to visit the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao!

[ Museum ]

[ random girl in front of Zara ]

 [ part of my lunch! ]

[ churros, coffee and chocoate ]

 [ Guggenheim Museum ]
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