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Today I'm having a guest post.  She is not a blogger, but she is my best friend since.. forever!!! Her name is Adilén, but you can call her "Ady".  Between both of us, she is the one that recommends beauty products to me.  So she went shopping to Sephora, bought a few products and I asked her to do a review/article of her new mascara and nail polish.
Here you have it!

Oh Sephora!!! They have been one of my make-up weaknesses for years. I’m always trying new products, but this time I ended up spending $19 in a Buxom Lash Blackest Black. That’s the most I’ve spent in a mascara, but I don’t totally regret it because it’s REALLY goodMy lashes look longer in seconds (and I have very small lashes), it lasts all day, and comparing with other much more expensive mascaras in Sephora this one is very big so you don’t end up paying $24 for a small tube of mascara. The downside is that it doesn’t give them much volume and for me that’s a must. My favorite mascara still is the L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black and it costs almost half the price, but I’ll enjoy the Buxom while it lasts.

That day I bought a Sephora nail polish “Frankly, I don’t give A-dam” by Opi.  It was $9 and it’s the most I’ve spent in a nail polish too.  Although it’s just a grey color, the people that have seen my nails love them. The nail polish has lasted for a week which I don’t know about you girls but normally they last for like three days because they get chipped very fast.

here's a picture of my best friend [Ady] & me:
 [ images via Google Images & Sephora ]

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  1. Great post!! I have to try Sephora make-up. I always use L’Oreal or Maybelline, they're so good.
    I'm so glad you like the quiz Teresa!! :)


  2. so pretty! does everyone think you're sisters? it's nice to read a real review, instead of the usual whoever, recommending something because they're getting paid to sell it.

  3. Aww you girls look adorable! And I have some Sephora eyeliners that I love.

    style roulette

  4. love sephora!!!

    thanks to you and your friend for your recommendations girls!!!


  5. If they served snacks there, I could live there.

  6. I love Sephora too! I have used Buxom mascara too, I really liked it

  7. Love your photo! You're sooo beautiful.

    Huggs :)

  8. Great review doll and You girls are absolutely Gorgeous. Cute pic.

    <3 Marina


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