Wanna Pepperoni?

Isn't pepperoni red? Another of the stuff I bought at H&M during the NYC visit last month (besides this bag), was  this weird-colored-nail polish named "Wanna Pepperoni".  The price was great and the color so different, so I didn't hesitate to buy it.  It is so creamy and with just one hand I was ready to go.  Now there's another way to see pepperoni.. as green nail polish! Look at how refreshing this color is:

I wanna guacamole now!

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  1. That color definitely looks more like guacamole than pepperoni, lol! I love it though, it's so different.

    The kitty is my neighbors, I wish I could keep him though. Can't wait to see if you do the one nail design thing too. Heather

  2. That's too funny. What a pretty color but definitely agree..not so much pepperoni!

  3. The name is pretty strange but the color is great :)


  4. HEHE...you are too cute Teresa! I agree this is definitely I wanna guacamole or I wanna honey mustard..I am not seeing pepperoni....

  5. Yeah, I've never seen green pepperoni, but I don't get out much either. Whatever you call it, it's a gorgeous color! I'm glad you bought it. :)

  6. ha-ha! you're right it's definitely more guacamole than pepperoni. wtf were they thinking, when they named it? i've been trying to find an olive green nail color.

  7. hahahaha i wanna guacamole too!!! hahaha really it's very strange they have chosen that name but... what i know.. marketing?? maybe it's better than guacamole as name, right?? hahahhaha who knows!


  8. wanna pepperoni? how did that clor get that name?? i think wanna avocado is more appropriate. i wish i could get a job as a nail polish caller namer

  9. I never seen a color like this before and I like it! I think looks so cool and fresh!! Maybe the nexto one is Wanna pizza or cheese?? lol Nice!

  10. i'm not brave enough to try really weird and quirky colours lol. i stick to navy blue, red and black :-) sometimes purple! if i'm feeling "adventurous", i just do a french-tip design or something.

    Haha yes i love it here in Sydney :-) you should definitely come here one day :-) DID YOU WATCH THE LATEST EPISODE OF NEW GIRL?! AHHHHH I LOVE NICK AND JESS :D

    XO D

  11. Muy interesante nombrar asi a un esmalte de uñas.
    De veras que tenemos muchas casualidades en esto de las uñas jajaja justo est semana compre un espalte MUY parecido a este.



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