Snake Bite

My recent craving is a pair of snake-skin shoes (not real skin of course, I'm pro-animals).  I think they are so chic and especially... fierce!  I was surfing one of my favorite pages to shop online: Gojane.com.  They just have such great deals, moderate shipping costs and good quality pieces.  Never had a problem with anything and if something doesn't fit me, I can send it back.  They are also so friendly and personal with their customers.  I found some pairs of "snake skin" shoes and now I can't decide for one.  This is one of those times when I ask for my readers opinion and help before I make the mistake of buying all of them!

So, dear reader, which one is your fave?
The strap-ish first pair, the wedges or the slingback pumps?


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  1. Very nice Shoes. I have one a fake snake skin one too.

  2. The slingback pumps! They can be worn year round. Second choice are the first pair, because they have a sexy factor with the ankle straps.

  3. increibles! me gustan los terceros :)

  4. The slingback pumps are my favorite! I love the snake skin - would go with so much!

  5. Great choices darling. I really like all these styles but my favorites are the first and third. If you want a pair that will give you the most use out of it, go with the sling backs. Enjoy! xoxo
    BTW...Thanks for visiting the "Ms. Monroe" post. :)


  6. The second blog today with snakeskin, which is a sign I need to buy these shoes NOW!

  7. love snake print!!! in shoes, bags, pants, jeans.. wherever!!!! perfect post!!!


  8. that is so difficult to choose! i want to say which pair is most comfortable, but you don't know. which pair is completely different from anything else you already own? which pair do you think can be functional? or go with a millions of things? or you can find millions of reasons to wear because you LOVE them so!

  9. Snakeskin is fun...I finally bought a snakeskin shirt and adore it..I think I like the wedges the best, but they all look super fun!

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  10. My pick is the slingback! They'll look amazing with jeans, a dress, skirt, everything! The wedges are fun and have more of a casual vibe to me! Thank you so much for your comment on today's post, it seems like the classic black and white was a hit ;)

  11. All of the look gorgoeus, but the first one is my fav!


  12. The first one is my fave although it can only be worn by a tall girl, otherwise the last one works for all! x



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