Teresa is Back !

Hello lovelies!!!
I'm back from Spain and have a LOT to show you.

I just wanted to say hi and leave a preview of my trip with some pictures.  I still have a lot to unpack and organize, since my sleep hours are out of control and I'm so tired [ 5 hours behind Spain in Puerto Rico ]

Talk to you later!

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  1. rest up darling i'm sure the jenny crew will have you running ragged! i can't wait to see & hear about your adventures. you look wonderful, as always, in your final photo.

  2. ay q bien tenerte de vueltaaaaaaaa!! extrañaba tus posts!! jajaja sisis quiero ver maaas fotitos de tu viaje a España!! Y si, una pena q no hablasemos, para la proxima, y ojala sea conmigo en Puerto Rico, y sino tú repitiendo!!!


  3. wow, that's a GREAT vacation then...beautiful spain! I wish I could go there someday...hehe


  4. Teresa!!! So glad to see you again and I am super excited about these photos as Spain is a beautiful country!

  5. YAAAAAYYY, i can't wait to see your photos :-)

    and haha yes we do sound a lot alike! don't worry though, despite my laziness, i definitely will be going to my formal :-)

    XO D

  6. queremos ver más fotos, me alegro muchísimo que lo hayas pasado genial, yo soy de Coruña (al noroeste de España) es una ciudad chiquitita, espero que el viaje de avión fuese agradable :) un besito

  7. How was it hearing the casitllian Spanish? Was it hard to understand? I've had European friends who took spanish in secondary school, so naturally their Spanish was castillian. I've always wanted to visit Spain.

  8. you look so pretty in the last photo. look forward to those pics! rest up!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  9. Lovely photos and OH Spain...can't wait to visit myself.

    <3 Marina


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